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Gbas Gbos Meaning in Nigeria


Have you come across the slang word ‘GBAS GBOS‘ and you’re wondering what it means? Then you’re in the right place. I’ll be telling you the meaning of Gbas Gbos in the Nigerian rendition as well as how to use it.

What does Gbas Gbos mean?

The word GBAS GBOS is a phrase used by Nigerians to describe a war of words between two or more people. For example:

Speaker 1(Male): Women are liars

Speaker 2(Female): Men are chronic cheats

Gbas gbos between two speakers, with speaker one giving the gbas and speaker 2 giving the corresponding gbos.

Gbas Gbos By Fireboy DML

The slang word GBAS GBOS become more popular after the hit song by Nigerian talented Singer, Fireboy DML released his hit single, GBAS GBOS. Watch Video Here


When you see two people having a hitted argument and one is throwing words and the second is also throwing back words, just know that they’re having a gbas gbos.

Watch this Gbas Gbos Comedy


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