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Helen Ibe Biography, Net Worth, husband, songs age


Helen Ibe is an soul lifting electrifying guitarist, artist, seasoned performer, song writer, trainer and Humanitarian from Nigeria who has collected a large amount of attention at a youthful age. She has around 300k followers on her Facebook Page.

Helen Ibe is a versatile guitarist who is in demand as a performer and recording artist for her expressive musicality, technical mastery, and creative approach across musical genres and has a passion for presenting unique concert experiences.

Helen Ibe

Well, weather you’re talking about satire or vlogging, our Nigerian craftsmen are truly raging on the web in recent times. Starting from KSI to Mark Angel Comedy, you can say that Helen Ibe is another International sensation made in Nigeria. The youthful cover craftsman and guitarist has been knocking individuals’ socks off with her music for as far back as two years. One of her most critical exhibitions is the front of the Jimi Hendrix tune, Little Wing.

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Helen became so popular in mid-2019 and many Nigerian perceives her as “the goddess of the guitar.” Her profound guitar music will cause anybody to feel orgasmic.


Here are the best 10 fascinating facts you need to think about Helen Ibe.

  • Helen Ibe is a Nigerian guitarist, vocalist, Youtuber, and web-based media content creator.
Helen Ibe
  • Helen Ibe looks so young yet powerful. She’s yet to let us know her real age.
  • The guitar goddess celebrates her birthday May 25 consistently.
  • She is a Gemini by the birth sign.
  • Helen Ibe is exceptionally acclaimed on Youtube. Her music channel has over 145k subscribers.
  • Her net worth is yet to be known. Helen Ibe is said to make money from her music.
  • Helen Ibe has not yet discovered her Mr Right.
  • Also, you can follow her on Instagram where she has amassed around 42k followers.
  • Helen Ibe has an extraordinary tallness. She looks very delightful with her dark hair and earthy colored eyes.
  • She is esteemed as one of the best Nigerian music wonder. Watch out for her in a couple of melodic unscripted TV dramas later on.

Helen Ibe Origin

She is the first of three siblings born to middle-class Christian parents, brought up by a single parent, raised in sprawling city of Lagos. Helen didn’t share the usual Lifestyle of kids of her age. Being a Doctor, Banker or Engineer was the usual career sing-song everyone chorused.

Helen Ibe

Helen Ibe Age

Helen Ibe hasn’t disclosed more details about her date of birth.

Where was Helen Ibe born

She is the first of three siblings born to middle-class Christian parents, brought up by a single parent, raised in sprawling city of Lagos.

Is Helen Ibe married

So far, Helen Ibe hasn’t disclosed intention of getting married and hasn’t revealed who her prince charming is. As soon as she disclose it, we’ll let you know.

Net Worth


“Her love for music prompted her to write her own songs very early in life and she attended a month Music training school. She graduated, bought her own guitar and other recording equipment. She has seven years professional experience as a Guitarist.”She started music officially in 2017 and since shehas stayed relevant, having performed in differentconcerts and conferences.

She has established herself as one of Nigeria’s best top classical guitarists, in demand as both a guitarist, song writer and performing artist. Her playing has commanded nationwide recognition and she performs regularly in Lagos and it’s environ and she is a frequent guest at many jazz/guitar concerts.

She dreamt ofbeing a singer and a great entertainment mogul who would use her works to touch people’slives. Ironic, because she grew up a rather very shy and reserved teenager, one of the reasonsbeing because she is the first and a female child.


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