How much Is 1000 Diamonds On TikTok Presently

What Is TikTok Diamonds

TikTok diamonds are real earnings otherwise called rewards given to the creator, or a person hosting live on TikTok through TikTok gifts. But How much is 1000 diamonds on TikTok? Continue reading…

How Much Is 1000 Diamonds On TikTok?

TikTok diamonds carry a value worth 0.005 USD. In other words, 1000 TikTok diamonds iis equivalent to $5 dollar per our calculation. Diamonds are one-third of the coin. Diamonds are not exchanged or transferred in any case. Diamonds are converted to US dollars, which you can then withdraw into your local bank account.


To know more about how to earn TikTok diamonds, you can go to TikTok website for the detail information about the virtual currencies on TikTok platform. Be reminded that based on TikTok’s updated gifting policy, only creators above 18years can purchase coins and gifts.

In the same vein, only creators aged 18 and above are allowed to receive gifts and earn diamonds. Also note, TikTok diamonds are half the value of coins amount i.e 2 coins is equal to 1 diamond.

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What are TikTok Diamonds?

TikTok Diamonds are what you get on live stream and also real earnings. For example:

70 coins $1.10
1 coin $0.0157
1 diamond $0.00785.
How much Is 1000 Diamonds On Tiktok

Here are TikTok diamonds values in terms of USD

1 Diamond equal to $0.005
100 Diamonds equal to $0.5
500 Diamonds equal to $2.5
1000 Diamonds equal to $5
10,000 Diamonds equal to $50
20,000 Diamonds equal to $100

If you receive 3 coins or 3 TikTok roses having a coin value of 1, it will then store as 1 diamond in your balance.

Most users argue saying 50 percent will be retained by TikTok as a commission or moderation fee. Honestly, it is more than 50% and the calculation is proof for it. Note that 1 coin will cost around $0.015 and 1 diamond valued around $ 0.005. That means that the deduction is more than 60% to be precise it is 65%.Well, it can be said that this is huge in comparison to any other platform.

How to Make Money on TikTok

TikTok influencers are perhaps the people who receive the most monetary benefit on the platform. They have a large following, which attracts partnerships with brands. Using Influence Marketing Hub’s TikTok Money Calculator, you can find how much each TikTok user makes from brand partnerships.

The calculator provides an estimate based on users’ number of followers and engagement.If you’re blessed with 30 million followers, you can earn between $18,000 to $30,000 per post. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you have one million followers, you can earn between $700 to $1,000 per post. Not as large an amount, but still very decent. 
If you have 200,000 followers, you can earn $100 to $200 per post. 

Keep in mind, the estimate is based on follower and engagement numbers. Compensation is usually agreed upon with a brand, before moving forward with your partnership. Of course, you may not have the following needed for sponsorship.

Alternatively, you can earn money through virtual gifts on TikTok, which you can cash in for real money. For this option, the maximum you can withdraw per day is $1,000. Still not a bad sum.

The 2 Ways to Make Money on TikTok

  1. Earn TikTok Virtual Items from Live Videos: You can only earn virtual gifts by broadcasting a live video, a capability available only to those with 1,000 followers. If users are particularly pleased with your video, they may send gifts as tips. Each gift is worth a certain number of coins.
Panda: 5 coins
Italian Hand: 5 coins
Love Bang: 25 coins
Sun Cream: 50 coins
Rainbow Puke: 100 coins
Concert: 500 coins
I’m Very Rich: 1,000 coins
Drama Queen: 5,000 coins.

Users have to purchase these coins with real money. They then use these coins to purchase gifts to give to other TikTok users. The gifts you receive can be converted into diamonds, which you can cash in. Diamonds are worth 50% the value of coins: one-hundred coins equal 50 diamonds; 50 coins equal 25 diamonds.

Each diamond is worth 5 cents. If you have 100 diamonds, you can cash in for $50. However, TikTok also retains 50% of what you earn, so if you earned $50 worth of diamonds, you only keep $25. You can withdraw your money only once you’ve reached $100, and you can’t withdraw more than $1,000 a day.

You also need a verified Paypal account, to which TikTok will process the payment within 15 days. Calculating the value of coins to diamonds to cash can be quite confusing.

  • 2. Collaborate with Brands as an Influencer: You can also make money on TikTok by becoming an influencer. Don’t worry, you don’t need one million followers to score brand partnerships. There are four influencer types that you can fall into.If you have more than one million followers, you could become a mega influencer.
  • Mega influencers are usually celebrities who use their social media presence to seal deals with major brands. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are examples. Baby Ariel is also considered a mega TikTok influencer for having 30.5 million followers to date.

If you have 40,000 to 1 million followers, you could become a macro influencer, like @iamjustinvibes.

How much Is 1000 Diamonds On Tiktok

How much Is 1000 Diamonds On TikTok – FAQ

How do I turn TikTok diamonds into cash?

The following is what you are need to do: Launch the TikTok application. You may access the settings menu by going to your “Profile” and then tapping on the three horizontal lines located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Choose the “Settings and privacy” option.

Choose the “Balance” option. Click the tab labeled “Live Gifts.” Choose the “Withdraw” option. You can access your registered PayPal account by logging in. Verify that the withdrawal was made.

What is a diamond on TikTok?

Diamonds are one component of TikTok LIVE Studio’s one-of-a-kind approach for generating revenue. Users have the potential to make money in the real world from viewers when using these.

Diamonds are TikTok’s virtual currency for creators, and when someone has built up enough to equal $100, they will be able to withdraw that money via the app to a bank account.

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How much is 200 diamonds worth on TikTok?

At the moment, the value of one TikTok coin in the United States is equal to 1.3 cents. 500 coins – $6.49. 1000 coins – $13.5.

How much is $100 roses on TikTok?

One dollar is required to purchase a rose from TikTok, for instance. A heart may be purchased for ten dollars, a Mishka bear can be purchased for one hundred dollars, fireworks can be purchased for one thousand dollars, and you can even purchase a virtual yacht for a whooping seven thousand four hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

When compared to the usual number of likes and views that a creative may be accustomed to obtaining, these are a pittance.

Do TikTokers get money from gifts?

TikTok creators have access to a variety of in-app revenue tools in addition to the Creator Fund. TikTokers can also make money by watching livestreams and receiving “gifts” in the form of virtual items that can later be exchanged for real money.

How many roses equal a diamond on TikTok?

A spectator can purchase a rose for one coin; hence, 788 flowers would have a value of 7.88 dollars on the platform, according to the valuation table that was just presented. However, these presents would be transferred into the scammers’ accounts as diamonds, and after TikTok’s commission, the value of each diamond would be set at $4.

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