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How to Apply and Get IKEDC Prepaid meter in Lagos fast


The process involved in the acquisition of IKEDC prepaid meter is hereby categorised into four basic stages:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) – This is to ensure settlement of any outstanding debt
  • Account/Field Surveying
  • Payment
  • Installation

How to apply for IKEDC prepaid meter in Lagos:

  • Start the KYC process by visiting the IKEDC website via map.ikejaelectric.com
  • Enter your meter account number: If you are a new customer, you will have to enter your old meter number so that your account profile can be viewed.
  • Complete the KYC process: You’d need to fill in your personal details appropriately so as to initiate the account survey process.
  • Debt Settlement: customers can clear all outstanding debts by taking advantage of the available repayment options.
  • Meter Payment and Installation: At this point, customers can make payments to any of the authorized banks by MAP. No customer should pay in cash to the IKEDC staff or any individual.

Do know that after consuming the electric units on your prepaid meter, you can always recharge anytime, without visiting the IKEDC office or business unit.

How Long It Takes To Get the IKEDC Prepaid Meter

most times, Prepaid meters are usually installed at the customers’ residence within 10 working days for those who pay upfront. Customers who paid in installments will be metered according to MAPs installation schedule. The activation process usually takes place after installation. This can happen within 2 working days.

IKEDC customers who have outstanding dues on their postpaid bills are advised to take advantage of the various repayment options made available during the KYC process.


Customers with outstanding balances will have it rolled on into their prepaid accounts and they can pay in installments in line with the Ikeja Electric installment plan.

How much is Prepaid meter in Nigeria

Starting from Monday, November 15, 2021, Nigerians will pay extra N13,766 and N26,829 to get single-phase and three-phase pre-paid meters from the eleven Distribution Companies, DISCOs.

Following a circular released in Abuja by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, the regulator raised the price of a single-phase meter from the current cost of N44,896.17 to a revised price of N58,661.69.

It also increased the price of a three-phase meter from the current cost of N82,855.19 to a revised rate of N109,684.36.


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