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How to build a quick and simple online store on WhatsApp


How To Build A Quick And Simple Online Store On Whatsapp For Business Messenger Without Spending Any Kobo

Ever thought of the best and easy way to display your new or existing products or services to a prospect or customer aside the usual uploading of product images on your WhatsApp status?

The new update of WhatsApp for business just got better with it new features that allows shop vendors, mini importers, and service providers do a lot by turning their messenger to an E-commerce store whereby an order can be made instantly on-demand.

You just upload your product images, place a price tag, direct web link, and anyone can begin to place an order on the go without much stress. You can also forward content containing descriptions of your product to buyers with ease and order is being made.

Here is a simple way to get started:


• Go to your play store and download the new updated version of WhatsApp for business.

• Open WhatsApp for business, then click on the 3 dots at the right top corner of your screen.

• Go to settings — Click on ‘Business settings’.

• Click on “Catalog”, then on the catalogue manager option, click on green + button down below to create a new product.

• Click on the add image option and upload the product image of your choice just like the ones I selected as seen from the catalog manager on the image below this post.

• Add product or service name, the price, then click on more fields to input product or service description, your website link and product code then you click on SAVE. (upload as many as you can, so when anyone comes to your profile, they’d see them on display just like ones on my catalog manager on this post)

Note that you can also forward any of the catalog options you’ve created to intending buyers. It’s simple.

Go to Catalog — Catalog manager

— Select the product or service you want to send

— then click on the forward arrow at the top of your screen — Select contact then press send.

There you have it! Your very own online store on WhatsApp for business. Hope you find this new update valuable?See you at the top.


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