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How to easily get a girl on social media


In general, getting someone to like you sometimes can be very tasking while on the other hand, can be very easy. Sometimes, it takes time, energy, smartness and even money to get the attention of someone you like. It’s also very easy to be friends with someone who’s close to you, or someone you work with in the same organization or someone who is is close a friend of yours.

But have you observed that the moment you realize you like someone, you suddenly become shy to talk to him or her, or you act funny when the person is together with you in a conversation of close group? let’s dive in.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some killer tips(based of years of experience – winks) on getting any girl on social media easily whether she’s already your friend or not. I’ll also share how to go after a girl and make her fall in love with you helplessly.

In this 21 century, social media has taken over our life in a great extent. We live on social media, sleep on social media, wake up on social media, eat on social media, bath on social media and infact, we almost can’t live without social media. (Smiles)


I might be over exaggerating but my point is, social media has a major impacts on the society today. Our lives have become so, so linked with the use of social media and how we think and communicate, love on social media has become very very rampant, too. In as much as the danger dating/loving someone on social media exists, we still see people almost every time dropping testimonials of how they met the love of their life on social media, how they created strong unbreakable connections with women online, etc.

How to easily get a girl on social media

Facebook which is the largest social media platform with over two billion users, provides you with access to loads of great women. Whether they’re on your friends list or not, you can just search for any girl and start communicating with her. Irrespective of the social network you’re using, here is how to toast a girl on social media and make her fall in love with you:

1. Be yourself

One of the mistakes I see most guys/men do is that they become someone else just because they’re trying to toast a girl on social media. Most men disguise themselves totally just to impress a girl but according to my close observation, they end up losing the trust of the girl the moment she finds out who truly the guy is. Unless if you don’t intend to see the girl in real life, try to be real to her my brother. Girls love honest men.

2. Be gentle with your questions

Asking too much questions will make you a talkative. You just met this girl and all you do is asking questions about her generation? Women don’t want to get bombarded with questions and comments especially from someone they don’t even know at all. You might not know all her past and so asking some kind of questions might trigger alot within her. Be attentive to her when she talks and then ask questions on what she enjoys talking about.

On this phase, try not to always dominate your conversation(s) with her. Let her talk and if possible let her do most of the talking. That way, you’ll get her to be free with you and engage with you. You’ll also give her the room to share her life story with you and vice versa.

How to get a girl online

3. Keep it simple at first

Getting to know someone takes times so enjoy the adventure and take it slowly. Follow the process till it is cool to go all out. You don’t want to just rush into someone’s DM when they only just followed you back few minutes prior.

How to get a girl on social media

Start by posting simple comments under their pictures, posts, status updates etc. Pace yourself sensibly in your bid to get noticed. You give yourself a greater chance that way.

4. Compliment goes a long way

Use words like, you look beautiful today, you’re gorgeous, your designer killed it or your dress is amazing or your shoes look fantastic in this picture, or your hair here looks good. Compliments like these work most times. But by all means, never be cheesy with it. Complimenting a lady in itself will never be an old fashion trick, neither will it indicate desperation. It is the way you go about it that could be uninspiring.

5. Be creative and smart

This is one of my best good luck charm! Use it wisely and you’ll get an awesome result. It takes a smart and creative guy to win a lady over.I might not totally give you steps on being smart or one what you can be creative with because ladies are different. It all depends on how best you can observe and kill it with your magical powers.

When your interest in a girl is aroused, what you need is to try to know her as much as possible (through the things she posts, of course), then tailor your approach along those lines.

Trust me that this rule No.5 is a killer trick. No girl wants to be around “a regular guy.” They love varieties so be that guy that can be her “One in a million.”

6. No nude/sexy pics!

This is a BIG NO for me. Most guys in their quest for being romantic, end up irritating the girls be doing this. This does not even need to be said. If you are sane and with any atom of reasoning, you should know better than sending pictures of your privates to a woman in the hopes of getting her attention. Sadly, many guys seem to alway forget this so we still need to remind them.

7. What are you posting about?

One of the first thing you do if you get a friend request from anyone on Facebook is to check their timeline and see their post right? then that’s most likely the same thing she’ll do. If you want to get someone’s attention on Facebook or any other social media platform for that matter, the things you post on your own page really count, too! She’ll use what you post to analyze you more.

Funny enough, she will know how to treat you afterwards due to what she has seen or how she has rated you via your posts. This brings me to my very first point No.1 “Be yourself.”Imagine, acting different from what your post are saying about you?

8. Don’t start what you cannot finish

Another golden rule I have for you as you embark on this journey is to not start what you cannot finish. Don’t start by sending her airtime all the time when you know you can’t keep up after a week or two. Don’t start by sending her romantic morning and night messages, or calling her all sorts of romantic names (this alone might just irritate her). Just don’t start bugging her with millions of calls in a day.

In as much as spending money on her, buying her gifts, taking her out etc, can spicy thing up between you both, just weigh your capacity so you’ll not regret at the end.

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Although it depends on how receptive the lady is. If you observe she’s flowing with what you’re doing, then that might just be what you need to succeed in this journey. But then, too much of everything is bad. Now that I have shared with you some big deal tips or should I say must do tips, I’ll also love to share some spicy tips for you.

This tips might not work for some girls so just pick the ones you know will spicy up your efforts. You can save this article so you can revisit it over and over again.

9. Repost/share her posts

While this might not sound so good for some ladies, others will love it. So before you think of doing this, take note of which of her post you should repost and what occasion. Don’t end up acting desperate or stupid before her. Be the smart guy she wants to have.

How to get a girl on social media

In conclusion, “in all you do, apply wisdom!” Can you share with us below which of the steps you love and how you might intend applying it. Don’t forget to tell us your success story after trying out these steps.

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