How to get a snatched waist without surgery/waist trainers

A snatched waist is the modern term used to describe the figure that a corset or any compression garment creates. It has been the new trend in ladies to have what is called a figure-8 shape. This article will guide you on How to get a snatched waist without a surgery, the best exercise to get snatched waist and the type of food you should eat regularly.

How to get a snatched waist – complete explanation

A snatched waist looks like a frame similar to the figure-8 having the shoulders and hips protruding more prominent because of the slim waistline.

Below is a picture of the most coveted snatched waist on social media. Her figure is the envy of all and the personification of what a figure-8 body resembles.

How to get a snatched waist by doing the right exercise

The good news is that there’s never been a better time to get a cinched waist like now. So, in this article, we are going to explain the types of exercise routine you should kick-start to get a snatched waist within a short period of time.


Here are 6 exercises tested and trusted that will help you achieve your desired result however, they are not as simple as you’ll think. But I’m sure you’ll be glad you obeyed them. They focus on sculpting and toning your obliques through repetition and resistance and will help you achieve greater balance and core strength.

Get ready for your summer glow-up with the perfect Instagram selfie featuring a waist cinched for the gods.

Before we jump into the exercises, remember that it’s important to strengthen your whole core and not just your obliques. Now if you’re ready, here’s everything you need to know about our routine designed to help you achieve the coveted cinched waist:

How to get a snatched waist using 6 exercise routine

  1. Jumping oblique twist
  2. Bicycle crunches
  3. Cross crunches
  4. Heel touches
  5. Side plank leg lift
  6. Standing oblique crunches

Jumping Oblique Twist

how to get a snatched waist

The term ‘oblique’ describes the pillar of your torso. It is an essential part of your body’s core, as you engage your obliques with every move you make, so naturally, we selected an exercise that challenges, tones and stabilises your core to get started.

Traditionally used in martial arts to strengthen your core muscles, this exercise will help you improve your posture. It will also help tone your core and calve muscles. And of course, it will get your heart rate up for the following exercises.

Bicycle Crunches

how to get a snatched waist

Your obliques are divided into two sections, also known as your internal and external obliques. They work together to stabilize your body and help you balance throughout your day-to-day. If you are looking for a more defined and stronger core, this exercise is definitely one for the books.

Be aware of your posture during this exercise and try not to hold onto your head too much, as this can lead to a strained neck. Try not to drop your neck as you come up. Make sure to maintain a neutral spine throughout the entirety of this exercise and take your time with each rep. Focus on your breathing and make each move count to be on the way to your dream waist.

Cross Crunches

This is the one for you if you are aiming for that ‘pulled in by the waist’ look! The cross crunch or crossover crunch may be a simple exercise, but it is nonetheless one of the most effective ways to feel that burn on either side of your torso. Sure to work your obliques, this exercise also comes with many added health benefits for your spine and back.

Video on how to get a snatched waist

For best results, make sure to keep your spine neutral and be sure to focus on engaging your core during this exercise. Be careful not to yank up your neck as you lift your body and try not to be too focused on crunching higher than you need to. A good way to avoid neck strain is by picturing a tennis ball under your chin as you lift up and down.

Heel Touches

how to get a snatched waist

Let’s move onto heel touches next. A simple, yet effective oblique workout that requires no prior knowledge and can be added to any tail-end of your usual fitness routine. Combine this beginner-friendly floor exercise with weights after mastering this version to really pack a big punch!

Make sure to keep your obliques engaged as you lift up and be careful not to strain your neck during this exercise. As always, focus on your breathing and aim for controlled movements over a rushed run-through.

Side Plank Leg Lift

From yoga, pilates, to HiiT; a side plank is part of all types of exercise classes. With this clever variation of a traditional plank, you can work your legs, abs, arms and oblique muscles all in one go and say goodbye to those love handles in no time.

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During this intensive exercise, you will want to focus on your form more than the number of repetitions you can complete. Be sure not to raise your hips or butt too high and watch out for a strained neck by ensuring you don’t unnecessarily lift or extend your neck muscles.

Standing Oblique Crunch

Let’s finish this workout session upright with standing oblique crunches, also known as side crunches. This deceptively simple exercise will sculpt your side ab wall (when done correctly) and can be performed wherever you might find yourself due to not requiring a whole lot of space!

This exercise puts less strain on your back and spine and is therefore ideal for anyone suffering from lower back pain. Be sure to maintain a straight back during the entirety of this workout and focus on your breathing. Read on… For those that’ll prefer using a waist trainer instead.

How To Get A Snatched Waist Without A Waist Trainer

The abdomen houses many important organs, which includes the entire digestive system. Using waist trainers puts pressure on these vital organs and if used too much, can actually move them from their original positions – gross but true!

To achieve a slimmer waist without causing any damage to your body, we suggest ditching the waist trainers and trying some healthier methods.

1. HIIT Workouts

It’s no surprise that exercise is vital to achieving a smaller waist. If your body is storing excess fat around your stomach, it could be bulking up your waistline and making you look bigger. To get the most out of your workouts, we suggest doing high-intensity interval training – also known as HIIT.

HIIT is a type of exercise where you do short bursts of cardio with short breaks in between. HIIT has been proven to burn more fat than regular cardio exercising, as your body continues to burn calorie during your recovery periods. To correctly perform HIIT, you need to work your body at around 80% and keep your exercises to no more than 60 seconds.

Moves such as jumping squats, high knee marching, and burpees are great all-rounder cardio exercises to use.

2. Do Waist-whittling Workouts

To get a snatched waist without a waist trainer, you’ll need to add some waist exercises to your routine. Russian twists, bicycle crunches, and rotating side planks are all great options. These exercises focus on the obliques, which are the muscles at the sides of your abdomen.

It’s crucial to exercise these muscles in addition to your stomach. Working your obliques will tighten your waist, giving you that hour-glass figure you’ve been craving.

4. Good Posture

how to get a snatched waist

Did you know that bad posture makes your waist look much bigger than it actually is? Constant slouching when we stand and sit can push our fat, skin, and muscles forwards creating ripples and bulges.

To avoid this, practice standing straight with your shoulders back and your head up – this will create the appearance of a smaller waist. If you want the feel of a waist trainer without having to wear one, you can try engaging your core while you sit as this will work as a natural girdle and strengthen your muscles.

5. Dry Brush Your Belly

how to get a snatched waist

Dry brushing is a simple yet highly effective way of sculpting your stomach, and everyone’s doing it! The natural firm bristles on a dry brush help to fight cellulite and water retention by increasing the body’s blood flow.

When the brush is rubbed against the skin, the pressure can push out any trapped toxins and fluid from fat cells. When the body retains too much water, it stores the excess fluid in our fat cells – leading to the look of bloating and cellulite on the stomach.

To dry brush properly, work in circular motions on the stomach and spend extra time on your waist to see the best results! We recommend using a high quality natural bristle dry brush like our Tone & Glow Body Brush.

6. Apply Tummy Sleek

how to get a snatched waist

Skin-tightening creams and serum are perfect for aiding your waist-slimming efforts, that’s why the Tummy Sleek Tummy Tightening Serum is a must-have!

This skincare product helps to firm and tighten the skin on the stomach using caffeine and bitter orange extract. Although the serum can’t burn away your tummy fat, it can define and tone your stomach to give the appearance of a sleeker waist.

Caffeine is proven to depuff, tighten, and smooth the skin, while bitter orange extract works to eliminate toxins that can cause bloat. If you’re prone to water retention and bloating, you’ll love the tightening effects of Tummy Sleek!

How to get a snatched waist without undergoing a surgery – Summary

A handful of famous people have considered having a body surgery to enhance their ability to get a snatched waist. But I am glad to announce to you also that you can achieve a better body shape (figure-8) by placing yourself on the right diet, following these summarized tips. In summary here’s what we advice

7. Change your diet

how to get a snatched waist

Nutritional studies have shown that eating whole grains, fruits and other starchy vegetables help you reduce the amount of fat you put into your body because they help you feel fuller for longer. Better still, whole grains do not contain any preservatives and are healthier for you in the long run.

This is the proven best way to lose weight, quickly and shed that stubborn stomach fat. Bear in mind that some fruits are high in sugar and eating TOO many can have the opposite effect.

Everything in balance and that slim waist will be just within your reach. In order to lose a single pound, you need to cut an average of 3,500 calories from your weekly diet. Do not starve yourself but bear in mind that in order to achieve your goals, you have to eat healthier not necessarily, less.

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If your stomach seems to be constantly distended, it might come down to your eating habits. Foods like cruciferous vegetables, legumes and dairy are the worst for bloating. Here’s why:Cabbage, broccoli, and kale are all cruciferous vegetables.

These green vegetables contain raffinose, which is a complex sugar that is difficult to digest.Legumes such as lentils, beans, and peas can lead to bloating due to their high fiber content. Many people’s inability to properly digest the lactose in dairy products can result in bloating and inflammation.

Instead, we suggest focusing on high protein foods to rid the bloat and give you some extra energy.

8. Drinks lots of water

how to get a snatched waist

An important thing to remember when thinking about losing weight is making sure that you drink more water. Water stops your body from mistaking thirst for hunger and you will find yourself eating less. Water is also great for your skin and hair.

People who diet tend to go from one extreme to another and instead of sticking to healthy foods, eat hardly anything. The secret to dieting is eating more healthy meals, which do not introduce excess calories and bad fats and sugar into your diet.

9. Build your upper body

how to get a snatched waist

The best way to make something smaller is by making things around it look bigger, an illusion if you will agree. Remember, when you exercise your upper curves, i.e. your shoulders and chest, the waist appears slimmer. So give this a trail and ensure you have a coach.

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