How To Know Original Hisense TV: 6 Easy Trick

Wondering ‘How To Know Original Hisense TV? Then you’re on the right page. In this exclusive yet detailed article, I’ll help you solve the puzzle in your mind about how you can identify an original Hisense TV when you see one.

How To Know Original Hisense TV

We all love to enjoy the comfort and luxurious things money can buy and one of them so dear to us is getting a good TV and sound set. In this present day and age, we all want to watch things happening from around the world at the comfort of our homes or even get entertainment and more via our screens and this can be so adorable when it’s coming from an original and high quality TV screen.

No body loves being cheated anytime he buys a product in the market, in fact, It’s becoming increasingly difficult lately to tell the difference between an original and fake television these days. We promise to help you discover how to know an original Hisense TV by yourself.


How To Identify Fake TV’s

In most countries in Africa, and other under developed countries across the globe, about 60-70% of electronics are fakes or clones. A large amount of them are made in China and shipped into those countries. To some individuals, they feel the buyers will love cheap things so they’ll make clones TV’s available In-place of original.

Now when going for an original Hisense TV, I’ll advise you to inspect it yourself with the tips we’ll provide for you in this article before purchasing it. This tip can help you check if a TV such as Sony, Samsung, Vizio, Hisense, Panasonic, or LG is fake or not.

6 Things You Should Check As A Buyer

  1. You should check the seria number
  2. Check the resolution
  3. Check the remote
  4. Right off the bat, purchase your television from an approved dealer
  5. Know the client care hotline of the producer
  6. Check for the guarantee card

4 Ways to Find the Serial Number on a Hisense TV

Your Hisense TV’s model number identifies what type of television you have, but the serial number is unique to your individual device. Many people don’t know their TV’s model or serial number, but this information could be invaluable if your TV gets stolen or broken.

Watch video below: Watch to know before you buy a new Hisense TV

Why You Should Know Your TV’s Serial Number

If your Hisense TV is under warranty and it breaks down, you’ll need to supply your TV’s serial number to the repair technician. The technician may also ask for the serial number to check which components to use for the repair and how the TV was manufactured.

If you report your TV as stolen, the police will ask for its serial number. The serial number allows police officers to check that you own the TV. It may also help them to find the device via the IP address if it connects to a home Wi-Fi network.

Your insurer will require a police report containing the serial number when you file a claim on your policy. If you purchase third-party insurance or a warranty plan on your device, you may need to supply the serial number.

4 Places to Find the Serial Number on a Hisense TV

1. On the Back

All Hisense TVs have a white sticker attached to the back of the TV, usually below the TV’s barcode. This sticker has the device’s serial number printed on it.

2. On the Box

If you kept the original box, you could also find a sticker with the serial number stuck to the packaging.

3. In the Device Settings

If you don’t have the original box or it’s impractical to move the TV because it’s mounted to the wall, you can check the serial number on the TV’s settings.

To do this, press the menu button on your television remote control and select “Settings” on the on-screen menu. Click on “Support” and then select “System Info.” You can then view the device’s serial number by selecting “Version.”

4. On the Paperwork

The above methods will only work if you have the TV or its packaging on hand. If you don’t, you may be able to find the serial number printed on your warranty or device registration paperwork.

How To Find a Hisense TV’s Model Number?

The model number is in many of the same places the serial number is printed. For example, you can find your TV’s model number on the product sticker on the back of the unit or the box it arrived in.

Alternatively, you can locate your TV model number in its settings. Click the menu button on your remote and select the “Settings” tab. Select “Support” and navigate to the “System Info” tab. You can find your TV model number and other information about your device by clicking “About” and looking at the top of the next screen.

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