How To Lock Your Hair With Toothpaste And Egg

Many people want to get dreadlocks, but they find that they cannot maintain the style for an extended period of time. I will show you how to create temporary dreadlocks at home using only toothpaste and egg. Mind you, this method actually works.

How To Lock Your Hair With Toothpaste

How To Lock Your Hair With Toothpaste And Egg


  • Egg(white only)
  • Toothpaste(close-up rec)
  • Soft brush or sponge
  • Gel(optional)
  • Hairspray(optional)

How To Lock Your Hair With Toothpaste


  • Just to get rid of all the filth in it, shampoo your hair or wash it with any soap of your choosing.
  • Blot the extra water from the hair with a towel, leaving it moist.

Apply some gel to your hair and thoroughly rub it into it if you have very soft hair.

Make sure the hair is still moist before you begin; if it is already dried, you can spray it with little hot water before applying the gel.

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Now separate your egg white from the yolk, being sure to do so carefully and thoroughly.

Because we are using egg white, please exercise extra attention when handling it.

  • Since we are utilizing the white, apply some egg white to your hair, rub it in thoroughly, and then wait for it to reach the hair root.

Note: If you only use egg white, your hair and head won’t smell, but if you add a little yolk, you’re on your own with the scent.

Immediately after adding the egg, brush your hair with toothpaste. I used close-up for mine, so I’m not sure if another toothpaste would work.

  • After the aforementioned procedure, pick between a brush and a sponge; I used a brush for mine, although I’ve heard that a sponge is simpler. You’ll start to see results after a few minutes of brushing your hair in a circular motion.

Please take note that finishing the brushing procedure could take up to 15 minutes.

Take care to move consistently in one direction.

  • If you like, you may add a little gel to firm it, but I prefer mine soft, so I don’t.
  • Shake your head vigorously in a new direction.
  • Use hairspray to make it shine every time you plan to go out.

Your dreads are finished.

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