How to make 150k per month writing business plan

This article will show you exactly how to make up to 150,000 Naira every month in Nigeria writing and selling business plan and short reports. There is so much information online about how to make money online but not many of them are genuine enough to not just teach you what to do, but to guide you thoroughly till you start making money online.

In the past few months, we have engaged with one of the best guys that has raised more than 1.5 Million writing and selling business plan in Nigeria and the following strategies are the simple step-by-step procedures he engaged to start making money even without spending money on advertisements.


But first,

Why Business Plans & Short Reports?

The huge difference between a full-blown e-book and a short report is that while an e-book will naturally become voluminous and targeting a large audience, a short report (may be a smart case study) focuses on offering instant helpful ideas to people without beating about the bush.

Since business plans and short reports are targeting mostly business oriented people who have money to spend on such solutions, you will not have any challenge selling them out (provided it solves their problems).

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Below are a few expert strategies to get you started.

How to make 150k per month writing business plan

  • Research Audience Thoroughly
  • Decide on What Problem to Solve
  • Work on Product You Want to Sell
  • Decide Price & Advert Strategies
  • Make Sales Automatic

• Research Audience Thoroughly

Nobody will buy what you a re selling if you are selling the wrong product to the wrong audience. If you want to make 150,000 Naira every month in Nigeria writing and selling business plan and short reports, then you must research your audience properly.

Your research must be detailed enough to help you find out what problem they are having, their willingness to solve the problem, and how much they are willing to pay to solve that problem.

This is why short reports sell faster that the regular e-books.If you have tried selling e-books before without success, then you should try selling a short report.

• Decide on What Problem to Solve

If your short report, white paper, or business plan must sell out, then it must solve a particular problem for a selected group of people. This is different from just a regular e-book where people write ad hope for anyone to buy. There will always be a ready market for short reports and business plans but they must solve a problem.

Another important factor in deciding what problem to solve is that you must decide what niche or area you want to focus while creating your reports. For Noble Cyril, he focused more on the Dispatch Rider Business so that he can help people start and profit from the business.

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You can choose to write a short report on how a single mother lost 10 pound (or whatever amount of pounds) by using a particular product. The idea is to choose a niche and focus on that niche with your problem solving skills

• Work on Product You Want to Sell

Whatever product you have decided to sell (whether business plan for people starting business newly, short reports on how to get a certain result faster, or a research paper), the next step is to create the product with your audience and their problems in mind.

For instance, most people have sexual insecurities these days and will do anything to give themselves the confidence they desire in the bedroom. Imagine how much you will make when you write a very helpful short report on how to cure quick ejaculation with natural herbs with no side effects


How to reduce belly fat without drugs and exercises the natural way without side effects. Writing these things are pretty easy and you must not be an expert in it but if you know your way around the internet, then you have all the tools you need.

Alternatively, you can pay someone to write it for you or interview someone who already has a result like you are trying to promote and convert them into text files. Get the job done because this is where the money comes in.

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• Decide Price & Advert Strategies

How much you should sell your short reports would depend on how confident you are in your reports, or on what value or help the short report will be to the person buying. For instance, Noble Cyril sold a business plan for 50,000 twice, the same business plan for 40,000 thrice, and so on.

The idea is to fix your price in a way that will not make it too expensive and not make you look like a joke at the same time.Since our goal is to sell, you should decide on what advert strategy will work best for you.

If you can afford Facebook ads, then you should try it. Otherwise, you can choose content marketing or influencer marketing. Also do not forget that making sales is a game of numbers. Focus more on the number you are selling and not on the amount you have made already.

• Make Sales Automatic

If you want to make money even while you are asleep, then you should make your sales automatic. You can do that by setting up a sales system on Paystack or There are other online marketplaces you can use as well.

Whatever you do, seek to minimize your involvement in the sales process so that people will get what they paid for automatically without having you sell it to them.

Conclusion I hope these strategies will guide you to make 150,000 Naira every month in Nigeria writing and selling business plan and short reports. If you enjoyed this article, then you should get this step-by-step guide from Noble Cyril himself on how to make 150,000 Naira every month in Nigeria writing and selling business plan and short reports.

In this Short report,

• You will learn the simple blueprint of exactly how he started and how you can start with no money at all

• You will discover the HIDDEN SECRETS to get an already written e-book that you can re-edit and start selling instantly (completely legal)

• You will also learn 3 SMART STRATEGIEs to start selling without any paid adverts.

Click this link to find out more about his simple Buleprint.

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