Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle) |

Ifeoma Daniel’s Personality

Meet Regina Daniels‘ Elder Sister Ifeoma Daniels Who Slays Just Like Gina Herself . Clearly the wothappen.com has found an image of Regina Daniels’ senior sister called Ifeoma Daniels. Ifeoma Daniels is hitched with a kid.

Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle) |

Regardless of the way that it is muddled how Ifeoma makes ends meet, we can state by her photos that she is finding real success since she kills very well also, dislike different superstars.



Regina Daniels’elder sister, Ifeoma is hitched with kids yet the character of her better half and youngsters isn’t yet known. Regina and Ifeoma somewhat look like one another however Ifeoma is a hazier form of Regina. To find out about Ifeoma Daniels family, Click this.

Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle) |

Lawrence Daniels, the sibling or the youthful Nollywood entertainer and billionaira, Regina Daniels. Lawrence otherwise called Sweezy .
Emmanuel Daniel (footballer)

Emmanuel Daniel (considered 17 December 1993) is a Nigerian football goalkeeper who tended to Nigeria at the 2015 African Games and 2016 Summer Olympics.

Meet All 5 Siblings Of Regina Daniels

Nollywood entertainer, Regina Daniels has five kin – three siblings and two sisters, Although,many individuals know practically nothing about them.

Ifeoma Daniels. (Family, Age, And Lifestyle) |

Regina is the fifth of the six youngsters, the names of her sinblings are Samuel Daniels, Lawrence Daniels, Emmanuel Daniels, Ifeoma Daniels, and Destiny Daniels.

Ifeoma Daniels siblingsIfeoma Daniels’ Family Regina Daniels Ifeoma’s Sister.

Ifeoma is Regina’s most seasoned sister. She is hitched with kids.
Destiny Daniels

Destiny is the most youthful of the six kids. She is still in the auxiliary school.

Samuel Daniels (Sammy West)

Regina Daniels’ sibling, Samuel Daniels prevalently known as Sammy West or Sweezy . Sammy is a craftsman. He even performed at the book lunch of Regina.

Lawrence Daniels

Especially like Sammy, Lawrence is also a craftsman. He is generally seen with Sammy.

Emmanuel Daniels

The Nollywood entertainer Regina Daniels more settled sister, Ifeoma. Ifeoma Daniels is hitched with a kid. Looking at Ifeoma one can perceive she is doing well overall anyway we really can’t figure out how she makes ends meet. She likewise kill anyway not Like Regina Daniels who is hitched to a Billionaire.

The natural dad of the renowned Nollywood entertainer, Regina Daniels’ dad was supposed to be a Barrister, Barrister Jude Ojeogwu . The complete name of the entertainer is Regina Daniels Ojeogwu while her calling name has ellipted Ojeogwu.

Mother of Regina Daniels, Rita is isolated from her dad, Jude Ojeogwu because of reasons that are undisclosed.

Regina Daniels’ dad, Jude surfaced web-based round May, 2019 when he said he was not on the side of her marriage with her rich spouse, Ned Nwoko in light of the fact that the mother, Rita never again convey him along in the course of action of the marriage customs. Similarly, overviews uncovered that Regina Daniels’ dad, Jude Ojeogwu did never again address the lady cost of her mom, Rita Daniels which may be one explanation of their parcel.

Regina Daniels’ dad, Jude Ojeogwu shared photos of Regina and her senior siblings when they were youthful and furthermore report the help of Regina’s paternity.

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