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Interesting Facts About Uebertangeljr


Uebertangeljr also called Seer1 is a young, vibrant, intelligent, and handsome prophet of God. He’s one of the youngest prophet in the world, making great impacts for the kingdom. Despite Young, he has traveled round the world, preaching the gospel, setting lives in motion for God and has a very strong calling to reach out to the youths.

Interesting Facts About Uebertangeljr

1. He’s a proud student of the word

2. He’s the first son of Prophet Uebert and Prophetess Bebe Angel

3. He’s heir apparent to the Angels’ Wealth


4. He is handsome and good looking

5. He plays Basketball: Uebertangeljr also loves playing basketball and his good at it. Video

6. He’s a Business Guru like his father.

7. He read Creative Media Production and Computer Science

8. He has 3 siblings: The names of his siblings are; Levi, Jude and Seth Angel.

Uebert Angel family

9. He got his mansion at age 16

10. He became popular at age 12

11. He is a lover of fashion

12. He’s the most outstanding youth in spirit embassy (facts has no feelings)

13. He has ministered in Benny Hinn’s Church

Uebert Angel son

14. He’s been mentored by great men of God such as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

15. He loves computer games

16. He was appointed the the position of International Director for TV Ministry & Partnership: Prophet Uebert Angel his father, made the announcement on his social media handles. See post below:

“The GOODNEWSWORLD is proud to bestow the responsibility of International Director for TV Ministry & Partnerships to @uebertangeljr Uebert Angel Jr has been very instrumental in the media department and after studying and graduation from College where he was studying Media it is mete to give him this responsibility to enlarge the reach of the GOODNEWSWORLD and pulling from his knowledge of this generation it serves the ministry right to take the words of the prophet “you CAN’T change a generation you CAN’T understand” and realise Uebert Angel Jr understands this generation and has the college qualifications and experience to prove it.

***God sent us with a message to tell the untold and NOW more than ever before we will be digging the trenches deeper and getting every calling in all our people to shine so we win as many souls as the Lord allows us and since we know beyond depth and beyond height the day of our lord is approaching and the Lord is soon to come we are glad to have all of you Partners, members & friends as part of this GOODNEWSWORLD. Let’s welcome the GoodNewsWorld International Director for Tv Ministry & Partnerships @uebertangeljr

17. He found love at a young age

Uebert Angel Jr Girlfriend
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18. He bought himself a Dubai house worth $8million


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