Is Cardi B close with her mom? Everything you need to know

Popular American rapper Cardi B, together with her mom really look alike. One could guess that only few of her fans knew her mom as she barely shares her pictures online. But Is Cardi B close with her mom in real life? Let’s read to find out.

Is Cardi B close with her mom?

Most people haven’t seen Cardi B’s mom but while surfing the internet, you’ll come across some lovely photo featuring Cardi B and her lookalike mother. Some may think it’s her twin but it’s actually her mother.

Cardi B with her hubby alongside her mom

It is not doubt she got her beauty from her mom. Well, the only known relative of Cardi we have seen multiple times in pictures is her sister, Hennessy Carolina. She is very close to her sister and she has been a wonderful Aunt to Cardi B’s child, Kulture.

Cardi and her sister, Carolina Hennessey

Where is Cardi B’s Mom from?

Her mom hails from Trinidad while her dad is from the Dominican Republic. Cardi’s working parents raised Cardi alongside her sister Hennessy in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx. Cardi also spent time in Washington Heights with her paternal grandmother.

Cardi with her dad.

Cardi’s parents were very protective of her when she was tender. The parents didn’t live in a safe neighborhood, so they tried everything they could to protect Cardi and Hennessy.

Cardi B as a child with her mom

According to her; “I had very strict parents, I could never go outside or go to parties. I would cut class and go do hookies on my own. Even now, I can’t just go and hang out where I used to live like it’s nothing. My neighborhood isn’t a good-ass neighborhood. But people show me love. It’s all love.”

Cardi B Recalls The Moment She Told Her Mother She Was A Stripper

Cardi B has opened up on her childhood story in a new interview with Mariah Carey. In their chat for Interview Magazine, she opened up about the moment her mother found out she was a stripper. She confessed ‘really bothered her.’

Cardi said her mother always had her listening to Disney music and Barney growing up. But whenever she went to her grandmother’s house, ‘they would always play BET and sh*t.’ The rapper remembers watching a Missy Elliott video, and thinking to herself, ‘I want to do that when I grow up.’

And then I started seeing girls like Trina, and I was like, “She’s so sexy. I want to talk like that when I grow up.”‘ Cardi admitted, ‘I always wanted to be what my mom didn’t let me be.” I wanted to wear small shirts and have my belly out and wear little kitty heels.’

Cardi’s work as a stripper

Prior to fame, unknown to many, Cardi B worked as a stripper. The 28-year-old told Mariah that when she first entered the strip club, she was, ‘really shy,’ and felt incredibly, ‘uncomfortable.’

‘I felt very ashamed,’ she admitted.’ There were times when I was crying, like, “Oh my gosh, if my mom or my dad found out, they’d be so embarrassed.”‘

She continued, ‘I used to smoke weed back then, so I felt like weed was necessary.”I wanted money for weed and to move out. I just wanted enough money to rent a room.” That’s how desperate I was to get the f**k out of the situation I was in.’

The artist said her mother was really upset when she found out. She said, ‘When I told my mom I was a stripper that really bothered her for a minute.” But now when she hears me saying grown sh*t, I don’t think she gives a f**k anymore.’

Cardi is now one of the biggest rappers in the world, and her music is a far cry from Barney and Disney.’ I think she didn’t want me to grow up so fast, because the kids around my neighborhood grew up fast.’ ‘That’s why my mom was always scared.

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