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Is Rema Dating Ayra Star? See legit proofs


Rema And Ayra Starr Spark Dating Rumours

Both Rema and Ayra Starr are super talented Mavin stars burning bright, who largely keep their personal lives private. Following a recent interview of Rema which has gone viral, fans are speculating that Rema and Ayra Star have something just more than a mere friendship.

The ‘Bloody Samaritan’ singer recently went on Twitter to reshare a video of Rema talking about her in an interview. She was honoured by all the sweet words he said about her, and she wanted him to know that she appreciated him greatly.

On the other side of this, it’s not something new for colleagues to talk highly of themselves in the music industry – celebrities often speak of each other highly, mostly because they tend to befriend each other as close industry associates.

However, this one stood out for two reasons. First, although we do not have the rest of the interview, it doesn’t seem like Rema had been asked to talk about Ayra at length.



He volunteered the information himself, almost like he was itching to gush over her, leading with “Let me use this medium to even share some light on Ayra Starr”

. “Ayra Starr is a really talented young lady. She is an amazing person. Personality, 100… she is the life of the party; she brings energy to the studio. She’s the one… like, she’s an awesome person,” he gushed over her.

The second reason seems a bit less solid, but fans seem to have caught the part where he said “she is the one”. Of course it is possible that he simply stuttered before moving on to the next part where she talks about what an awesome person she is.

Whatever the case, many people thought that the way he spoke glowingly about her at length was much more than just how casual friends talk about each other. Additionally, Rema is 21 and Ayra is 19 years old, so they seem to make sense age-wise as well, and they run in the same circles.

Ayra on the other side has already been met with a bunch of questions from curious fans, asking whether the two of them are an item. But neither Arya nor Rema has responded to the rumours yet, though this is not to say they will not do so.

Just recently, Wizkid came under fire for allegedly trying to take advantage of Ayra, after a video went viral of the two of them together in the studio. Fans are convinced that he will tank her career as they say he did to Tems.

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