Home News Is Selina tested banned? Find out

Is Selina tested banned? Find out

Selina Tested Movie

Alot of people have been asking if the movie, Selina tested has been banned in Nigeria? The answer is Yes. Selina tested movie has been placed on hold for now so no more episodes for you.

Why is Selina tested movie banned? Selina tested movie was banned because it was discovered that someone or some people have gone ahead to mass produce the movie are are selling it for N300 and this has angered lightweight entertainment. They have decided not to produce episode 20 as well as other episodes for you. Watch video below 👇

In the video you can see aboy and chiboy in pains, lamenting over this evil acts by those wicked individuals who have gone ahead to mass produce the movie without their consent. And the most annoying part is that they are selling it for N300 and making profit from someone’s sweat.

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This video clip revealed that they spend nothing less than N300, 000 to produce a single episode. But now, they have decided to stop producing more episodes for their fans.


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