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Is Selina Tested Episode 20 out?

Selina Tested Movie

Finally you can now Download Selina Tested Episode 20 mp4. Download selina tested episode 20 by clicking on the Download link below.

What is selina tested movie all about? Selina Tested movie is an action movie/story that was written by Manuchim Praize aka Odogwu and produced by Lightweight Entertainment. This action movie depicts violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more. Continue reading…

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Alot of fans have been asking about Selina tested episode 20. Is Selina tested episode 20 out? Is Selina tested banned? We have all the answers to your questions below.


Is Selina tested movie banned? Selina tested movie has not been banned. The movie is still available for download. Lightweight entertainment are the official producers of the movie. You can subscribe to our blog so that we’ll give you all the legit intels about Selina tested. Ignore all rumors that the movie has been banned.


Is Episode 20 banned? Episode 20 is not banned but it was placed on hold. Lightweight entertainment are not happy with the piracy of their movie. Someone pirated the movie by mass producing it and selling it for N300. This made lightweight entertainment angry and decided not to release episode 20 early. Please share this article with friends so that they’ll know why episode 20 was delayed.

Selina Tested Episode 20 release date

Goodnews to all fans of selina tested. Selina tested episode 20 is back. This was announced by Aboy on Facebook. He said that they are back and will be releasing alot of Episodes not just Episode 20. He also said that they have been working on so many projects lately but that didn’t stop them from producing selina tested. See post below:👇

What to expect in episode 20

Episode 18 and 19 was tagged “WAR IS COMING” which is an indication that a serious fracass (big fight) will happen. If you have carefully observed the story line of episode 18(Download it here) and episode 19(Download it here), you’ll know that something is going to take place in Episode 20. There’s so many tension in the air and fans our there are eager to see the war that’s coming. Although, we can predicts some possible events in Selina tested episode 20 by careful observation of how the story is going.

Recall that in Episode 18, Sibi went to find out about his mother’s death after running away from the hands of Chiboy whom he has hurt badly by killing his mother. Sibi also fought and defeated the No. 1 Manchi of Udoma land, now making him feared as the strongest in the land. There’s surely gonna be a revenge match. Watch out for Episode 20 as Sibi will have to face Chiboy, Aboy, Odogwu and many others he has offended. But for sure we know now that Sibi is Selina tested infact, his Selina is very strong (he can disappear and become invisible anytime).

Sibi is indeed a strong contender for Chiboy to defeath easily knowing that he now has support from Udoma land. I’m laughing because Sibi still has scores to settle with Atunapa (the guys who was dating his ex. The same guy that was friends with wonder boy before Sibi separated them). So expect lots of action in this episode.

Amora who gave Chiboy’s sister a gun to attack Sibi, denied the allegations when confronted by Aboy, Chiboy and Odogwu. We have now seen that Amora has the ododo(mind) to invade holy ground back (after running away) to kidnap baby sis. He surely has some scores to settle with Chiboy in episode 20. It seems Amora is Selina tested because he has displayed boldness to invade Holy ground to take baby sis or what do you think?

Tallest( aka tax collector) who betrayed the trust and loyalty of smaller (aka small body big engine) by always pushing him to danger and running away leaving him(smaller) to battle for his life, has some doings to settle also with smaller. Recall that in episode 18, smaller threaten tallest that he’ll f*ck him up. So most definitely, be expecting a serious clash between smaller and tallest.

Asa has been hunting tallest for a while now and it seems the fight between them is not ending anytime soon. Expect another clash between Asa and Tallest in Episode 20. Tallest seems to be a lone solder now because even his last suicide, smaller has left him. What do you think is his fate from now on?

Aboy and Dera’s love story: Dera is madly in love with Aboy but it seems like that Manchi is not interested in any intimacy with any banni. He has constantly rejected her love advances towards him. Maybe because he doesn’t want any distractions 🤔 Meanwhile, Aboy needs to listen to Dera’s dream by chasing that strange girl away. She’s evil and has evil plans against Aboy. Therefore, Watch how things will unfold between Aboy, Dera and that strange girl. Aboy is already in danger in the hands of that strange girl.

Belema and Smaller – Two little children been led astray by bad influence from their seniors. Belema now has the ododo to fight Smaller and even collect the purse smaller stole from that woman in Episode 19. I’m very sure that Smaller has some cooked up plans for Belema in episode 20 so watch out. Smaller aka small body big engine is full of doings so don’t under estimate him in Episode 20.

Chief priest and Chiboy are not left out in this War. Chief priest has given Chiboy deadline to carry out their agreement or return back his money. Chiboy certainly don’t have much money on him now due to the fact that he has spent them in treating his mum and baby sis. So let’s be vigilant to know what next between Chief Priest and Chiboy in episode 20.

Download Selina tested episode 20

Who else do you think has some unsettled business to finish in Episode 20? Let’s here you. Drop a comment on the comment section below. Make sure you share this post to your friends.


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