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Isaiah Saldivar is the founder of Isaiah Saldivar Ministries , A Great Church Of God where thousands of People come together to worship God. He used to be an atheist but now he is a believer of Christ.

Isaiah Saldivar

Biography of Isaiah Saldivar

Isaiah Saldivar founded a church in 2011 but never wanted to completely surrender to do what God wants him to do. Instead, Pursuing a degree in law enforcement and committed to achieving material success, image and prestige became his sole priority.


The problem with chasing after material things and temporary pleasure is it all turns out to be utterly unsatisfying and fleeting. Upon desiring true purpose and everlasting love, Isaiah ended up depressed with more questions than answers. After not going to church for several years, out of obligation Isaiah attended a church service in Modesto, Ca. on January 12, 2011.

He had no idea that when he sat in what seemed like “just another church pew,” his life was about to change forever. After the preacher taught a Spirit filled message regarding world missions and changing the world in the name of Jesus, Isaiah knew he couldn’t possibly stay in his seat any longer.


Isaiah Saldivar salvation experience

By the end of the service, without thinking twice Isaiah ran to the altar and prayed a simple prayer that would change his entire life. He said, “God if you’re real, I’ll give you everything.” Instantly in power and in majesty, the Creator of all met Isaiah exactly where he was spiritually and physically.

In an audible voice, Isaiah heard God clearly tell him, “I am going to use you to preach the gospel to every nation.” Suddenly law enforcement, prestige, and partying all seemed empty. Undone and deeply repentant, Isaiah encountered peace, redemption and love all for the first time on what seemed like a usual Wednesday night.

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His encounter with God is beyond being able to fully describe, but Isaiah arrived to church that night as one man and went home as an totally different man, in fact he left as a son. Unable to sleep for three nights in a row after his conversion, Isaiah was simply astonished at the thought that he had lived “a lie” for most of his life as an atheist.

Immediately, his old ways of thinking and living had passed away, so Isaiah began disposing of every reminder and item that encompassed a part of his previous life.

Overwhelmed by God’s tangible presence and His superseding sovereignty, he was truly unable to contain his newly found hope and passion; as a result Isaiah began to share about his supernatural experience with others.

He talked differently and looked differently, people of all ages were amazed by his radical transformation. But without knowing whom to turn too for guidance, Isaiah sought counsel from his Uncle Ben Lucero (Nino). Considering, Ben was one of Isaiah’s only family member in ministry at the time.

After mentorship and the necessary instruction, Ben asked Isaiah, “What do you want to do next?” Isaiah knew he had been shown a vivid vision of people praying at his house. Thus the mandate was simple, Isaiah replied, “We need to pray and people will gather.”

Next with the help of his Uncle Ben, Isaiah began to simply do as God had told him; he began to pray. Isaiah and five others began to pray at his house, as a result people began to gather, and gather, and gather.

Soon enough signs, wonders, and miracles began to occur effortlessly as God’s power was made perfect in Isaiah and in his small but growing prayer team. Numbering more than 400-500 people in attendance every week, the prayer meeting now known as “The Awakening 209” quickly outgrew Isaiah’s modest ranch home in Manteca, Ca.

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What began as a handful of ordinary people desperate to see an extraordinary God move in power and in truth became a global revival that went from 2011 to 2019. Isaiah has spoken in over 500 churches, conferences, and other events. He travels and preaches a message of revival and repentance.

His attention for the last several years has been reaching people through social media, and right now, his ministry reaches about 3 million people per week. He hosts a weekly podcast called “Revival Lifestyle” that is currently in the top 1% of podcasts in the world.

Isaiah also uploads videos every day to his youtube channel, which currently has 350k subscribers.

Isaiah Saldivar Wife

Isaiah Saldivar wife

Isaiah has been married to his wife Alyssa for 10 years and has 4 daughters. Justice, Journey, Harvest, and Nova.

He currently resides in Central California and attends Lifesong Church in Stockton, CA. In January 2011, Isaiah’s life was transformed in an instant, as he rose from death to life. Today, he will continue to preach biblical holiness and reconciliation until Isaiah sees the word God gave him come to pass, in that he will, “preach the gospel to every nation.”

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