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Ishaya Bello is a working-class actor from Nigeria who eventually became an artist. He has performed in numerous films and theatre productions. Recently, he had an appearance in the Netflix original series “Far From Home,” which is based on the life of a working-class artist and closely resembles the actor’s own real life.

Ishaya Bello Real Name

Michael Oladapo Afolarin, also referred to as Mike Afolarin, is his real name.

How old is Ishaya Bello

Ishaya Bello was born on 1st September in the year 1993. He is currently 30 years old in 2023. He was born in Nigeria’s Lagos State. Born on 1st September, his Sun sign or Zodiac sign is Virgo.

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Federal Government College in Ijanikin, which is situated in Ijanikin, Lagos state. is where Ishaya Bello finished his secondary education.

At the University of Lagos, he also pursued his undergraduate studies in economics, graduating with a bachelor degree in Arts.


Parents of Ishaya Bello

Michael Oladapo Afolarin is Ishaya Bello’s real name. He was raised primarily in his grandparents’ home in Ibadan after being born in Lagos State. But when he was seven years old, he returned to Lagos. His parents’ and grandparents’ names are unknown.


Ishaya Bello

When Ishaya was a college student, he took part in theater, which encouraged him to pursue this career path. He has served in a variety of capacities, including those of director, associate producer, aerial cinematographer, and set designer, for the two short films “An Interview Story” and “peace.” and others.

He contributed all the aerial shots for the 2018 production of “Lord Tanner,” a thorough investment documentary made for the Oyo State Government. His big breakthrough came when he played Chikada in the movie “Kasala,”

He just had an appearance in the Netflix original series “Far From Home,” which is based on the true story of a working-class artist who enrolls in a top high school in Nigeria.

According to Mike Afolarin, playing a lead role in a huge Netflix series like Far From Home was a lot of work and pressure.

There was a lot of strain because, in the first place, I had to travel far from home in order to film this. Overall, it was a really hectic moment in my life. I enjoyed myself despite the physically taxing portions that required numerous takes and the early call times.

Working with some of my most amazing friends, the kind folks at Inkblot, and of course Netflix made the experience extraordinary for me since I got to do what I love. We had a great time creating this masterpiece since every member of the cast and crew gave it their all.

Ishaya Bello

While speaking with Guardian Nigeria, he notes that Far From Home is a mix of affection, relatability, admiration, and perhaps contempt, he observes.

The repeating themes of family, survival, and devotion are just a few of the many relatable takeaways for the audience, but one thing is for certain: everyone would find a little of themselves or their situation in “Far From Home.”

  • The story follows him as he attempts to make sense of his existence, according to Mike, who portrays him as a typical Nigerian child. It is much simpler for Nigerian youth to identify with Ishaya’s character because, like many of them, he makes every effort to make the most of the unjust circumstances life has dealt him. (The Guardian Nigeria)

Mike Afolarin Movies

  • Soole (2021) as Maxwell
  • The Wait (2021)
  • Miss Bamidele’s Girls (2022)
  • Your Excellency (2019) as Tunde Ajadi
  • Inspector K (2020) as Idris
  • Ajoche (2018) as Young Odunmu
  • Far From Home (2022) as Ishayo Bello

Mike Afolarin states that he can’ wait for the next phase of his career because it is already getting more interesting and he can only go up from here!


Bello Ishaya, is allegedly dating someone. He hasn’t, however, revealed his girlfriend’s identity on social media.

Bello, Ishaya Height

Ishaya Bello is quite tall, however his exact height is unknown. His exact weight is also unknown, but he is neither overweight nor undernourished. He appears pretty attractive and has black hair and eyes. He is of Nigerian descent.

Ishaya Bello Salary

Ishaya Bello is believed to be worth $150,000.

Far From Home – Movie Review

A fancy art opening is approached by an automobile. The featured actor, Ishaya Bello (Mike Afolarin), leaves. Ishaya then awakens and finds himself in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria, at his parents’ home.

Ishaya doesn’t attend school and instead works three jobs to save money for a prestigious artist’s fellowship in London. His parents Patricia (Funke Akindele) and Ishaya Sr. (Paul Adams) encourage him to put his academic goals ahead of his aspirations to become a musician.

An advertisement for an open application period for the famous Wilmer School, where a scholarship is being offered, is spotted by his sister Rahilia (Tomi Ojo). When she learns she can’t, he offers to go with her, but she doesn’t even apply.

Ishaya becomes desperate as his family uses money from his savings to help one of his father’s numerous medical problems. He overhears a father explaining to his kid Denrele (Raymond) at one of Patricia’s posh cleaning clients’ residence.

He overhears a father telling his son Denrele (Raymond Umenze) that he has the Wilmer admission exam answer key and that the scholarship comes with a $10,000 incentive at the home of one of Patricia’s wealthy cleaning clients (worth about 6 million Nigerian Naira).

Ishaya picks up the answer key after Denrele, who insists he can get in on his own, throws it away and comes up with a plan: He’ll ace the test, earn the scholarship, and once he has the $10,000, he’ll travel to London.

Even after witnessing club owner Government (Bucci Franklin) and his right-hand man, Oga Rambo (Bolanle Ninalowo), kill someone for “getting high on our supply” and feed the deceased guy to a hungry hyena, he decides to steal the application fee from the “money cage” of another boss.

Once he’s in, he comes up with inventive ways to obtain a transcript and have it confirmed. And he meets the scion of the Wilmer-Willoughby family Carmen Wilmer-Willoughby (Elma Mbadiwe) right away.

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