300+ Romantic names for Muslim women and meaning

Muslims make up a significant parr of the planet with a populace in about 49 countries. They are individuals who have declared convictions In islam. In this article, we’ll share with you some beautiful names for Muslim women and their meaning.

Romantic names for Muslim women

Islam teaches that God is merciful, supreme and special and as devotees, they love the one and only true God and his Prophet Muhammed (harmony arrive) as his last Messenger.


A lovely name is the first gift parents can present to the baby that will stick with them forever. Muslim girl names are adorable and are meaningful. According to Islamic beliefs, every child has the right to be given a meaningful name. Muslims constitute a large part of the world’s population.

names for Muslim women

Most Muslims are of a couple of sections yet comparable in tradition. One of such is the “Child Naming” custom, where kids are are named on the seventh day after birth.

names for Muslim women

A fundamental reality of confidence among Muslims is their faith in the “Day of Judgment” and how they will be called out to by their names on that day. As such, the child names must be meaningful, good and charming.

Muslim young ladies are brilliant individuals, and they are extremely cherished across the world. Anyway, a ton of folks find it undeniably challenging to move toward a Muslim young lady since they is by all accounts exceptionally strict and furthermore severe.

names for Muslim women

Yet, in this article, I have made a great deal to explores and furthermore asked my dear companions who are Muslims about names which the majority of the Muslim young ladies like. Luckily for you, I have a ton of them for you. It’s your decision to select which of them you think suites you.

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A few Pictures of Muslim Girls:

Islamic Names for Muslim Women
Islamic Names for Muslim Women
Islamic Names for girls

Here are 45+ Romantic Names for Muslim women and their meaning. Available also on PDF format for easy download.

  1. Samaira – Charming
  2. Amyra – Pioneer/imperial woman
  3. Aiza – An honorable young lady
  4. Maira – Beloved/number one
  5. Aaira – Worthy of regard
  6. Erina – Beautiful woman
  7. Suhana – Beautiful and wonderful.
  8. Inaya – Gift of God
  9. Zara – Bright as the first light
  10. Mahreen – Bright and wonderful
  11. Saira – Poetress/princess
  12. Sehrish – Sunrise
  13. Alina – Silk of paradise
  14. Alveera – Speaker of truth
  15. Ayesha – Alive and Living
  16. Maryam – Beloved
  17. Sheza – Good strict young lady
  18. Liba – Most lovely
  19. Eira – Snow/pretty
  20. Mehreen -Loving nature
  21. Roohi – Soul
  22. Zoya – Rejoicing
  23. Diwa – Gift of God
  24. Arisha – Peace
  25. Norah – Light
  26. Mehrish – Wonderful smell
  27. Elisza – Unique
  28. Hana – Happiness
  29. Asqa – God’s Blessing
  30. Mariya – Beautiful
  31. Nyla – Winner/Achiever
  32. Amrin – Lovely and Quiet
  33. Aaleyah – Exalted
  34. A’dab – Hope/Need
  35. Aa’eedah – Lilting
  36. Aasma – Excellent
  37. Abeer – Frangrance
  38. Ablah – Perfectly Made
  39. Adiva – Pleasant and Gentle
  40. Afaaf – Pure and Chaste
  41. Aminah – Trust Worthy
  42. Anan – Fresh, Adorable and Cute
  43. Aziza – Powerful and Bold
  44. Benazir – Incomparable
  45. Basimah – Smiling

These are the 45+ Romantic names for Muslim women that most of them wants you to call them. It’s also available on PDF format for download above.

50 Beautiful Muslim Girl Names

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