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We’ll be talking about Jack Rich, the husband of Elizabeth and also the owner of Belemaoil, from River State, Nigeria. He was actually born in the States and he is 47 years old in 2022, born in the seventies, January 28, 1975.

Jack Rich Biography

jack rich tein

Tein T.S Jack Rich is commonly known as Jack Rich. Born on January 28, 1975, Tein is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder and president of Belemaoil.


Who Is Jack Rich

jack rich tein

Jack Rich is actually an Enterpreneuer from Cross River state, Nigeria and he is also a politician. Tein actually contested for the office of the president of Nigeria under the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC but lost to Bola Ahmed Tinubu together with many other aspirants during the primaries.


Jack Rich State OF Origin

Jack Rich is actually from Cross River State, Nigeria and he speaks Kalabari.

Jack Rich Tribe

Jack Rich speaks Kalabari tribe from Cross River State, Nigeria.

Jack Rich Wife And Children

Who is Jack Rich Wife? Jack Rich Tein Jr. is blissfully married to his beautiful wife, Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Jack Rich, and they have two children.

jack rich tein wife
Jack rich and Elizabeth rich

Jack Rich Parents – Family and Education

Jack Rich Tein was born on January 28, 1975 in Rivers State, Nigeria, to Elder and Mrs. Teinbo Saturday Seliyefubara Jack-Rich. The loss of his parents at age 10 did not prevent him from attaining his ambitions. He was able to assume full responsibility without a guardian.

He is also well educated as he studied Petroleum Production Technology in Panola College Cartage, USA, Business Administration at the University of Wales and of course Business Management at Usam University.

In addition, he received a multitude of Fellowship and Doctorate prizes both inside and outside the country.

Jack Rich Career

Jack Rich

Consistently working hard, Jack-Rich founded J+G Global Gas & Oilfield Limited and other subsidiaries in 1998 for the sole purpose of providing oil and gas services. Eventually, he founded Belemaoil producing limited, the first indigenous oil exploration and production company in Nigeria to emerge from the Niger Delta oil producing community.

Jack-Rich, in addition to being a businessman, has been able to give back through his foundation, where he has awarded scholarships to numerous students, some of whom graduated from schools in Nigeria, Ghana, Ukraine, Canada, the United States, Malaysia, etc.

As a humanitarian, he also provided his village with the best drinking water and employed over 3,000 Nigerian youths. Tein Jack rich, a business magnate, has lately declared his political ambitions as one of the presidential candidates of the main political party in Nigeria, the All Progressive Congress (APC), as of May 14, 2022.

Jack Rich Net Worth

Jack Rich is worth about $200 million USD Dollars.

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