Home Entertainment Jagaban Meaning: What is the meaning of Jagaban?

Jagaban Meaning: What is the meaning of Jagaban?


Alot of people have been asking what is the meaning of Jagaban? Well I’m glad to tell you that we have the answer to what you’re looking for here in this article. Keep reading…

Jagaban meaning in accordance with linguistic research means “Leader of warriors”. As for the dictionary meaning, it is a warrior or someone heads a leader position. Someone who embodies the faith, wisdom, power, kindness, and perfection. The world Jagaban is a slang word, it comes from the underworld. It has no negative meaning, rather it expresses a strict but equitable leader.

The word Jagaban in pop culture


The word Jagaban is a title of a famous song of popular Nigerian rapper YCEE. His single “Jagaban” was highly appreciated by the fans and music critics.


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