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John Eckhardt Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Books


John Eckhardt, born in 1957, is an Apostle and Bishop of Crusaders Church Chicago. His powerful Apostolic calling has gone around the United States and to more than 70 nations across the globe. He is also an excellent speaker and author.

Eckhardt is called to the Apostolic office to make the saints of God perfect by imparting biblical truths that involve deliverance and spiritual warfare, imparting spiritual gifts to birth powerful ministries in the body of Christ.


Ministry – Impact Network

John Eckhardt
John Eckhardt

In 1995, John Eckhardt established the IMPACT Network (International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Joint Churches). Right from then, many churches, ministries, and leaders in over 40 countries have been part of the network that is a platform that God is using as an apostolic world reform.


John Eckhardt is also ordaining and planting apostles and prophets across the globe to bring about the present reform together with hosting powerful fore apostolic meetings in many countries.

John is the founder of the Apostolic Institute of Ministry (AIM), devoted to simplifying the word of God and nurturing leaders in apostolic and prophetic offices. The process of teaching is organizing workshops and seminars for the online school, part-time and full-time schools with the vision to make them ready for the future.

John Eckhardt Books

He has authored over 35 books and some of them are:

  1. 50 Truths Concerning Apostolic Ministry – John Eckhardt
  2. A Shift In Leadership – John Eckhardt
  3. Belial, The Wicked Ruler – John Eckhardt
  4. Crusaders Church, A House Of Prayer For All Nations – John Eckhardt
  5. Daily Declarations For Spiritual Warfare – John Eckhardt
  6. Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare Manual – John Eckhardt
  7. God Still Speaks – John Eckhardt
  8. God’s Covenant With You For Deliverance & Freedom – John Eckhardt
  9. God’s Covenant With You For Your Family – John Eckhardt
  10. Identifying And Breaking Curses – John Eckhardt
  11. Let Us Alone, The Cry of Demons – John Eckhardt
  12. Loose Thyself – John EckhardtMarine Demons – John Eckhardt
  13. Ministry Anointing Of The Apostle – John Eckhardt
  14. Momentum, The Key To Victory – John Eckhardt
  15. Moving In The Apostolic – John Eckhardt
  16. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Power – John Eckhardt
  17. Prayers That Activate Blessings – John Eckhardt
  18. Prayers That Bring Healing – John Eckhardt
  19. Prayers That Move Mountains – John Eckhardt
  20. Prayers That Release Heaven On Earth – John Eckhardt
  21. Prayers That Rout Demons – John Eckhardt
  22. Prophecy With Laying On Of Hands Of The Presbytery – John Eckhardt
  23. Proton Believers – John Eckhardt
  24. Rebuilding The Tabernacle Of David Back To The Future – John Eckhardt
  25. Releasing God’s Power Through Laying On Of Hands – John Eckhardt
  26. The Invisible King And His Kingdom – John Eckhardt
  27. The Ministry Anointing Of The Apostle – John Eckhardt
  28. The Prophetic Flow – John Eckhardt
  29. The Shamar Prophet – John Eckhardt
  30. The Truth About Homosexuality – John Eckhardt
  31. Women’s Daily Declarations For Spiritual Warfare – John Eckhardt
Apostle John Eckhardt

John Eckhardt Wife

He is married to Wanda Eckhardt

John Eckhardt Net Worth

He is estimated to be around $10 – $20 million dollars as of this post.


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