Jose Gatutura Biography, Music Career, Girlfriend, Children and Songs

A Kenyan musician by the name of Jose Gatutura performs songs in the Agikuyu dialect. His real name is Joseph Kanyi Kigio. Mashette the King, a musician also known by his stage name, has become one of the top Kikuyu performers throughout the years by releasing hit after hit.

Jose Gatutura Biography, Music Career, Girlfriend, Children and Songs

He is a highly secretive man, hence the majority of information regarding his personal life is unavailable. He has declined to say whether he is married or has kids in a number of interviews, and up until recently, he hasn’t said much about other personal matters. He primarily discusses his music, which will be the main subject of the piece.

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The actress and TV host Nyambura Gabue of Inooro has been connected to the secular Kikuyu singer. The long-time friends are due to give birth at any point this year, according to a K24 article. A few weeks ago, the TV siren hosted her baby shower, which was attended by her close friends.

Jose Gatutura Biography, Music Career, Girlfriend, Children and Songs

However, Gatutura has refuted rumours that he is the child’s father. He declined when K24 Digital asked if he was the father. These are just rumours.

Music Career

Gatutura was born and brought up in Nyandarua and hails from a musically inclined family. While his father is a music composer, his uncle is a vocalist. He started out in the music business by doing performances in nightclubs in Nairobi. He was performing covers of Kikuyu songs at the time.

Jose Gatutura Biography, Music Career, Girlfriend, Children and Songs

He found a mentor in 2007 who was prepared to help him out. He was also able to write and produce his own songs while learning how to play the guitar. As the songs gained popularity, he gathered a sizable following of listeners. The secular performer thereafter traveled to a few African nations and even Dubai. He put out a lot of music, notably Machete, which gave him the nickname “Mashette the King.”

He released four songs in 2018 that featured the country singer and former Tahidi High actress Kareh B. Fans were captivated by the two’s chemistry, and some began to speculate about whether or not they were dating as a result.

He stated in a YouTube interview that despite not being saved, he thought he had what it takes to become a pastor.

“ I am not saved but I know Christ is the Lord and I always see that I will one time become a pastor. But at the right time,” said the singer.

Jose Gatutura Biography, Music Career, Girlfriend, Children and Songs

He believes in his ability to preach as he also does it through his music.

“I preach through my music, only that most people dont understand the message. There is time for everything and I will be a gospel artiste,” he added.

The Gikuyu singer went on to say that his song attempts to target social vices like pride. Even gospel musicians, who are reluctant to work with him because they believe he is not serious, may sing with him, he added.


Some of his songs include:

Ninjui ni Urimi
Mwari wa Uthamaki
Tuirio Tuega
Haha Nigute
Utonga ni Waku
Utuku Umwe
Thimu ya China
Thii Ukiumaga

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