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Joy Adejo is a sensational Gospel Music Artist, a worshiper, through her life Journey many are blessed and lives are transformed by the power behind her Music.

Her music ministry is defined, pattern and known as an Evangelists type of worship ministry, where all things are geared towards pointing people about our soon coming king. Revealing Her good and loving nature to men, announcing His Might and Greatness to the world, describing Her personality to humanity and sharing Her wonderful testimonies to the sons and daughter of the earth.

joy adejo

For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him.

Full Name Joy Uyo Adejo
ParentRev and Pastor Mrs Adejo
State of originKogi state
DOBOct 25
Course of disciplineMass Communication
CareerGospel artist, OAP,
Music GenreSoul , RnB, Rock and African Music
Siblings Praiz and David Adejo
HobbiesSinging, Writting
Net WorthN/A

In a life interview with miss Joy, here’s the beautiful things she has revealed to fans about herself.

1. Tell us little about yourself
My name is Joy Uyo Adejo, The only daughter of Rev and Pastor Mrs Adejo, the only girl amidst four boys. I am the third child. I hail from Kogi state, I am Igala. I studied Mass communication at Bingham University. I’m a fun easy going person who is very passionate about God, I love Art in all its forms and I enjoy developing people.

2. When did you start singing?
I started singing from the age 7, that was when I knew my voice kind of stood out every time I sang with other kids at children church. Haha! And I have been singing ever since.

joy adejo

3. What did your family do to encourage or discourage you?
Oh my family were very supportive of my singing, my mum would buy loads of kiddies praise so I can sing along and they encouraged me to sing at church services even as a little girl.

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4. Who else in your family sings?
Everyone in my family sings, Dad, Mum, every child can hold a note.

5. Who are your musical inspirations?
I don’t really have specific people I listen to all the time. Sometimes I could listen to just one song for 3weeks coz it speaks to my Soul. I have had times like that with Kiki sheard, JMoss, Isreal, ASA, India Arie, Lauryn Hill, Audrey Assad, Britt Nicole, Nicole Mullen, Aisha Woods, Anthony Evans, Brandy, Fred Hammond, Praise Adejo, Daniel Addo, Donsam, Detrick Haddon, Tonex.

I have listened to these people and learned from them over the years, they have their different styles and I have picked from each of them. I’m more of a Lyricist, the soul of the music also reaches out to me and that inspires me even more than the vocal dexterity of the singer.

6. What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to all kinds of genres of Music but I have more of Soul , RnB, Rock and African Music.


7. What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?
Uhm I don’t think I have any embarrassing song on my player.

8. Where would you like to perform most?
I see singing as Ministering and God has sent me to the ends of the earth so I see everywhere as The Place for the moment.

9. If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?
When I’m not singing, I’m writing, or listening to someone sing. Haha.

10. Do you play any instruments?
I started learning to play the drums, I play at church sometimes.

11. If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?
I would go into reggae. It has a beautiful feel that can calm you or get you jumping crazily in excitement.

12. What genre of music can’t you stand listening to?
Uhm depends on my disposition at that time but on a good day, I pretty much listen to any genre.

13. What hidden talents do you have?
Hmm I think my hidden talent may be hidden to me too oh. Haha! Still undergoing self-discovery. Although the unhidden talents are a handful but I await the unveiling of the hidden ones.

14. Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics?
I enjoy Writing; it’s a sacred moment for me to connect to deep within. And I am a fan of words so it’s the most fun part of making music asides singing it after it’s finished.

joy adejo music

15. A lot of artists want to sing with you, how can you address that?
Well I embrace anything that positively fosters the work of the Lord. I also appreciate excellence and Passion. I have met people who want to do quality Music because they want to set the pace and prove that Christian Music shouldn’t be Mediocre and they work hard to improve themselves, such people are fully supported by me.

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I see Music as a very Spiritual thing and just listening to the person talk about what the song is about shows the Spirit of the song. The Sons of God are led by The Spirit of God And sometimes I get an acceptance in my Spirit and I work with a person, sometimes I get a drawback an I refuse the request politely. Basically that’s what guides me in accepting who i sing with when asked to feature.

I take Music very seriously and knowing every singer is a representative of God we must show forth God’s excellence even in our Music and rightly singing His Word. It’s not just about writing and giving tune. Christian Music require Music Ministers not just Musicians. People who understand the Art of Music and with the Power of God express it.

JASTEAM (Joy Adejo Sings)

16. Advice the upcoming artists
My Advise to upcoming artists is; don’t give up! keep working, keep studying God’s Word, keep staying in the place of Prayer. From doing these, there is a Power you bring forth that goes beyond your words and voice and every time you open your mouth to sing it paves way for you. Be diligent even if you just sing at your Local church and you want to go professional, being diligent in church is your training ground and what you learn from being diligent there would keep you when you go professional.

Your horizon may be expanded but the God at church is the same God when you blow, His Word Never changes so let that be your foundation. It should never be about the Money or fame. Love God, Love the Music and One day you will reap the harvest!

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