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Kristy Althaus Biography, Age, Net worth & why she was stripped of Miss Colorado pageant title


Kristy Althaus is an American model who participated in the Miss Colorado teen pageant. Her story is one that tells of how one negative life involvement can reap you off an eternal joy.

Way back in 2012, Kristy Althaus was part of the Contestants in the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant and emerged the second runner up, but sadly for her, a controversial video surfaced online, she found herself in a porn scandal.

Biography of Kristy Althaus

Full namekristy Althaus
Date of birthMay 2 1994
Age28 years old in 2022
Place of birthAurora, Colorado, USA
Famous forParticipating in the Miss Colorado Teen USA

Biography of Kristy Althaus

Kristy Althaus

Kristy Althaus was born on the 2nd of May, 1994, in Aurora, Colorado. For now, we don’t have enough details of who her parents or siblings are as she has kept them away from the media. But insidegistblog was able to gather that she has admired being a model right from her early age. She has since then, pursued it wholeheartedly.

How old is Kristy Althaus?

Kristy Althaus is an American by birth. She was born on the 2nd of May, 1994.



There are no full details about Kristy Althaus’ education yet because she has not yet revealed certain information about her early life to the media. Reports revealed she was a full-time student before participating in the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant.


Kristy had always admired being a beauty diva right from when she was young, and when the opportunity was open for her in 2012, she went on to participate in the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant at the age of 18 and was declared the second runner up behind Jacqueline Zuccherino who emerged the winner for that year.

Kristy Althaus Miss Colorado

Unfortunately, Kristy’s career as a beauty queen didn’t last do long as reports claimed she lost her place in the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant after being caught in a porn scandal.

Why was Kristy Althaus stripped of Miss Colorado pageant title?

The report revealed that after a year that Kristy emerged as the second runner up of the beauty pageant, a porn video shot she was involved in surfaced online and the judges reportedly stripped her of her title as the penalty; however, till date, this has not been officially confirmed.

Kristy Althaus Porn

An extract from the adult content showed Kristy seated on a bed facing the camera; a male voice was heard in the background asking how old she is and she responded that she was 18. The male voice also inquired if the video was her first adult video, and she said it was.

While the pageant show didn’t officially confirm that Kristy was stripped of her title after the infamous video, Future Productions, who was Kristy’s official promoters, however, cleared all references to her after evidence of the adult video, they removed a name from the 2012 Official Results website and also deleted a YouTube video showing the moment when the results were called out during the pageant.

However, other sources revealed that there are yet to be firm proof to confirm if Ms. Kristy was the one in the viral video; however, after the scandal, the model deleted her social media accounts and has stayed private since then with little or nothing is known about her.

Personal Life

Kristy Althaus was reported to have dated football player Derek Wolfe at some point.

10 Interesting Facts About Kristy Althaus

1. Name: Kristy Althaus
2. Age: 30 years
3. Birthday: 11 October
4. Zodiac Sign: Libra
5. Height: 5 feet 5 inches
6. Nationality: American
7. Occupation: Controversial Pageant Queen
8. Marital Status: Engaged
9. Salary: Under review
10. Net worth: $1.5 million


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