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KYB Game Show | Everything you need to know


Hello, I’ll be sharing with you in this post, everything you need to know about the KYB Game Show.


“How Well Do You Know Your Bible” aka KYB Game Show is a bible quiz game aimed at bringing fun out of God’s word (the Bible). It was founded by Godsfavour Udelue. The purpose of this program is to create a platform for christians to showcase their Bible knowledge to the world, learn more about the bible and grow more into God’s word. The KYB Game Show also helps individuals to get acquainted with so many truths found in the 66 books of the bible. The bible is the christians manual for living, so he/she is expected to know the bible.

KYB Radio Program

KYB Radio Program: KYB radio game is played every Sunday evening live at liberty fm 91.7 kaduna from 5:00 to 5:30pm. The listeners at home put a call through, chooses a question and if he/she provides the correct answer, they will be rewarded airtime.

KYB Editions:

This is an in house quiz competition involving only registered participants. Registered participants gather at the venue to play the game for a fixed cash prize.

Objectives of the KYB Game Show

This Game show is aimed at: •Focusing the attention of the believers to the Scriptures •Discovering young talents and •Empowering young talents. There are so much lives out there to be touched through this bible quiz program, there are young talents to be discovered as well.

The Format of The Game

It involves contestants competing to join the host on ‘The Hot Seat’ via a question and answer challenge. And afterwards, answering increasing difficult level of 10 questions to make it to the top. The contestants on the hot seat has just two lifelines; 50-50 and and Ask a friend.

How To Register

Registration can be done online or offline. You must be within the age of 18-30year to register. To register call 08080742364 now for more information.

KYB Game Show August Edition

KYB August Edition is going to take place on the 18th of September. The prize to be won is N10,000 worth of cash. All you have to do is register and participate. Registration is N2000. Call 08080742374 to register.

KYB Game Show


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