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Lightweight Entertainment is the name of the movie industry that produced Selina Tested. It fully started producing comedy videos and movies in 2020. It’s over 1year now and has produced alot of videos.

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What is Selina Tested Movie All About?

This action movie is depicts violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more. Two little rascals, Aboy and Chiboy poses as the main characters of the movie with others revolving around them, conquering and rulling a little town called Holy Ground aka Ama.

They grew up to meet a life survival, hence, you must be selina tested in order to survive every day. They didn’t go to school and all they learnt was how to survive the hard way by being selina tested, using gun also called “Kala” as their weapon of warfare.

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Lightweight Entertainment
Lightweight Entertainment


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