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Liliane Mugabekazi Biography

Model Liliane, 24, is from Rwanda. She is presently trending on the internet after a photo of her wearing a dress in public that was deemed “shameful” by authorities in her nation appeared online. She was detained, and accusations are being brought against her, according to sources.

Who is Liliane Mugabekazi?

Liliane Mugabekazi, 24, of Rwanda, was detained on the 7th of August for attending a event putting on a revealing/transparent dress. The court has been urged to remand Mugabekazi for a period of thirty days.


How old is Liliane Mugabekazi?

Liliane Mugabekazi is 24 years old, according to sources.

Liliane Mugabekazi Dress

Liliane Mugabekazi, was detained in Rwanda for wearing “skimpy/transparent” dress, and she could spend up to two years in prison for such act.

Liliane Mugabekazi Parents

Relevant Information about her parents haven’t been released online, but investigations are still ongoing.

Liliane Mugabekazi Crime

Mugabekazi who was 24 as of the time of writing this article, was recently detained by Rwandan authorities after being accused of wearing a “shameful outfit” at a concert in the nation’s capital, Kigali.

On August 7, Mugabekazi was taken into custody for violating Rwanda National Police’s definition of a crime by being in public wearing a sheer dress.

The police department tweeted, “Rwanda Police warns the public that nudity, public immorality, and giving alcohol to underage children punished by law.”

We implores parents to inform and safeguard their kids against such acts.

Mugabekazi was accused of attending the performance while wearing attire that “reveals her intimate parts…clothes that we label shameful,” according to the prosecution.

The public outcry over Mugabekazi’s detention, however, resulted in an online petition that raised more than $10,000 for her legal expenses.

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