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List of top 10 best programming languages to learn in 2022


The development of technology and the availability of goods and services that benefit modern humans are both results of the technology and I.C.T. world. The cornerstone of all technology is programming languages.

List of top 10 best programming languages to learn in 2022

We want to provide advice for people who want to work in the software industry by addressing the top 10 most useful programming languages to learn, their ecosystem, and real-world applications.

Today’s top jobs include computer programming and web development due to their high demands and value. The world is fully embracing digitalization.

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What is A programming language ?

A computer program used to solve issues is called a programming language. They are instructions, algorithms, or directions given to a computer to perform specific tasks.


A great step is to enter the field of software programming. There are numerous programming languages connected with each specialized area of software development, which is very broad.

We compare software development to a university in order to better understand the idea of programming languages. The various areas of software development, such as cloud computing, web development, and blockchain technologies, are the faculties or departments of the university.

The courses in these various sections are then based on programming languages. One might need to master two or more programming languages in order to survive in a specific field of software development.

Android programmers are a prime illustration. Android developers are expected to master the syntax of XML in addition to learning Java or Kotlin, which are the two main programming languages to learn in order to develop android applications.

The top ten programming languages

Because each area of software development has specific needs and talents, not all programming jobs are created equal.

Even while learning and mastering just one programming language is acceptable, it’s great to study others to expand your field of knowledge and increase your usefulness and adaptability in the industry.

The top ten programming languages were chosen after taking into account each language’s level of demand, practical applications, income ranges, and ease of learning.

1. Python

One of the most popular programming languages is Python. Python is a higher-level programming language that is stylish, simple to learn, and has a very expressive grammar.

Projects involving machine learning and artificial intelligence, server-side web scripting, data analysis, mobile and desktop applications, embedded systems, and many other things all use Python to varied degrees.

Google, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Instagram, Spotify, and other leading tech firms currently use Python. A large number of ready-to-use libraries in Python make programming in the language simple and quick.

The engineering team at Instagram published an article on the effectiveness of Python and how the business has the largest Django deployment in the world in 2016. Python-only server-side scripting framework Django is used to power server-side web applications.

One of the highest paying developer specialties worldwide is Python. According to Glassdoor estimates, a Python developer in the United States made an average pay of $98,838 per year in 2021, with salaries ranging from $65k to $142k.

2. JavaScript

Javascript comes out on top when it comes to interactive websites. As almost everyone utilizes Javascript to create web apps, Javascript is known as the web programming language.

Today’s top cloud hosting services, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and others, all support Node.js, also known as JavaScript on the server, which is a server-side scripting language used to power web applications.

JavaScript is also employed in the creation of desktop and mobile applications. For creating mobile and desktop applications, consider JavaScript frameworks like React Native, Cordova, and Ionic.

JavaScript has remained the most widely used programming language on the web for the last eight years. Javascript is primarily used in front-end web projects along with HTML and CSS.

Top American computer programmer Douglas Crockford, the man behind JSLint, said about JavaScript: “JavaScript has a gorgeous, elegant, very expressive language buried under a seething pile of good intentions and mistakes.”

To the amazement of the developer community, Elon Musk’s SpaceX recently launched the Dragon 2 Flight using a technology based on Javascript and Chromium.

The highest-paid developers in the world are those who work with JavaScript. According to Glassdoor data, javascript developers made an average pay of $91,389 per year in the United States in 2021, with salaries ranging from $55k to $152k.

lines of code on a laptop.

3. C#

The third best programming language to master is C#. Microsoft created the general-purpose programming language C#. The right way to say C# is C Sharp.

The C# programming language was introduced in 2001 and is now a part of Microsoft’s.NET framework. The pair is now employed to create cross-platform desktop and mobile applications, as well as browser plugins.

The preferred language for creating virtual reality applications and games is C#. One of the most popular organizations adopting the C# programming language today is Microsoft, followed by Metroplus.org and Citi.com.

According to C# creator Torgersen, the C# programming language’s popularity is primarily due to its propensity to quickly adopt new features.

Among the top paid developers are those that work with C#.net. According to Glassdoor estimates, a C#.net developer in the United States made an average pay of $81,368 per year in 2021, with salaries ranging from $59,500 to $110,500.

4. Kotlin

A high-level, general-purpose programming language similar to Java is called Kotlin. The fifth greatest programming language to learn is Kotlin.

Cross-platform Kotlin is created and supported by JetBrains. Kotlin’s initial version was released in 2016. Kotlin was developed with the goal of outperforming Java as a programming language. Kotlin and Java can work together seamlessly.

Because of Kotlin’s productivity, developer happiness, and code safety, over 60% of professional android developers utilize it, according to the android website.

Following Google’s announcement at its I/O 2017 Developer Conference, Evernote, Corda, and Coursera switched from Java to the Kotin programming language.

Slack, Reddit, Dropbox, Adobe, and many more popular mobile applications are powered by Kotlin, which is another brag. Since its introduction in 2016, there has been an increase in demand for Kotlin developers, and this trend is anticipated to continue.

The average pay for a Kotlin developer in the United States in 2021 is estimated to be $136,575, with a range of $83.5k to $171.5k.

5. C++

C++ is among the top 10 finest programming languages to learn out of the many that are available. One of the oldest scripting languages is C++, which is regarded as an extension of the C programming language.

Bjarne Stroustrup created C++ in 1983. Because C/C++ is the language used to create the majority of low-level systems, it is frequently remarked that C/C++ is the bread and butter of programming.

C++ is a preferred programming language for memory- and performance-intensive projects due to its reliability and speed.

Additionally, C++ is employed in complex computations, graphic compilers, and simulations of mathematics. The C++ programming language has been included into the ecosystems of numerous well-known tech businesses and governmental organizations, including LinkedIn, Microsoft, Opera, and NASA.

With a rating of 7.36 percent, the C++ programming language is ranked among the top programming languages in TIOBE’s Index for June 2021.

The average compensation for a C++ developer in the United States is $89,753 per year, with a range of $53k to $151k, according to Glassdoor, one of the biggest job review sites in the country.

6. Swift

Swift is an open-source programming language designed specifically for Apple products. As a replacement for Objective C and an improvement, Apple created Swift in July 2010.

Swift is the preferred language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS devices, therefore programmers who want to focus on creating iOS applications should use it.

Because Apple is a platform that the android community finds to be competitive, there is a significant need for talented software developers who work with the Swift programming language.

According to Pay.com, a Swift developer will make an average salary of $84,423 per year in the United States in 2021, with a range of $59.6k to $105k.

7. R

The R programming language is a high-level, incredibly easy-to-learn programming language. R is a programming language that is widely used in machine learning and data analytics systems.

Airbnb’s Richard Bion wrote an article on August 23, 2017, about how R has enabled Airbnb to maximize the value of their data. It reads:

“The data science team at Airbnb uses R daily to interpret our data. Even though many of our coworkers utilize Python, R is Airbnb’s most widely used data analysis tool “.

According to Glassdoor, a R developer will make an average pay of $111,094 per year in the United States in 2021, with salaries ranging from a low of $73k to a high of $170k.
Lines of code are displayed on a laptop.
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8. Dart

A high-level, cross-platform programming language with UI optimization is called Dart. Dart may be used to create applications for the web, Android, iOS, and Windows because it is cross-platform.

Dart was created by Google in 2011. Dart is a computer language that was created as a substitute for JavaScript.

The Dart programming language was used to create the Google Ads web or mobile application.

Dart is the programming language used by Google’s UI toolkit, Flutter, to create cross-platform natively built applications for mobile, desktop, and embedded platforms. Google’s mobile Ads applications are powered by Flutter.

More than a thousand engineers, according to Google, utilize Dart and Flutter to create applications. Glassdoor estimates that the average salary for Dart programmers will be $73,110 per year in 2021, with a range of $32,200 to an astonishing $170,000.

9. Java

On the list of the top 10 easiest programming languages to learn, Java is ranked ninth. One of the most popular and widely used programming languages is Java.

Despite being James Gosling’s creation, Oracle, a software firm, now owns Java. Contrary to popular belief, Java is utilized today to power numerous web apps as a server-side scripting language, not just for Android development.

Oracle revealed that the 16th version of Java would include a number of enhancements that would improve the services offered by the Java programming language in a press release on March 16, 2021.

Popular businesses that have used the Java programming language include Square, Deutsche Bank, and Anaplan.

The average compensation for a senior Java developer in the US will be $102340 per year in 2021, according to statistics from Indeed.

10. C

Dennis Ritchie created the procedural, general-purpose language C in the early 1970s. C is a dated programming language and one of the fundamental ones that are still used in the industry today.

C is the parent language of numerous other programming languages, including PHP, C++, and others. Older programming languages like C are frequently utilized in hardware for automobiles and hospital-use medical equipment.

C programming language developers make an average salary of $100,110 annually.

Although there are other programming languages to learn, those who are interested in software development can use the information above as a general introduction.

You can begin learning software development as a beginner in software programming by enrolling in tutorial classes in any of the languages mentioned.


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