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40 lucrative business ideas for students in 2022


Find out over 40 lucrative, ever fresh, money making business ideas you can start in 2022.

There are other lucrative small business ideas out there but these should get you started. Remember the most wonderful idea that remains in your head is basically useless. The time to start doing something is now! So whether you’re in high school or university, you can start your own side hustle, which might grow to become a successful company.

However, you must be highly organized and spend your time wisely so that none of the two suffers. Here are startup ideas you can work on during your free time in school. Most of them can be started with roughly N10-50 thousand. You mustn’t get millions before you can own a business of your own in 2022.

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a lucrative business idea you should consider in 2022. This is a business model that will continue being relevant even in the near future. is an option for students who run an eCommerce business and have no room for inventory. One beautiful part to this idea is that you can conduct every phase of this business right from your room, with surprising ease, thanks to internet.

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This is how dropshipping works: Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third-party and has it shipped directly to the customer, simple!

That means you can select products you intend to sell from various suppliers and then list them on your website. When a customer purchases that item that is still at the supplier shop, you will order it from them at a discount price and then ask the supplier to ship it to your customer directly.

A dropshipper is simply a middle person who makes a profit by selling other people’s products. A clear distinction between dropshipping and the standard retail business model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as demanded from a third-party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfill ordersIf you’ll love to kickstart this business, what you need most is a personal computer(laptop) and good internet access.

You will also need knowledge on how websites like aliexpress.com, amazon.com works. You should also considering getting a social media platform like a Facebook page (store)You will also need to know how to create an online shop on websites like shopify.com and how to drive a good number of traffic to your online store/shop.

2. Typing and Editing Business

This is one Business idea that doesn’t fade, infacts, it’s am ever-green business idea for serious minded students only because it requires some special skills. Most students have need to type their assignments, projects and thesis. If you have a personal computer, you can start up a typing business within the school environment.

Infact, you can start this business right inside your hostel or classroom. You can start by simply collecting little jobs from students either in your department or from friends. Due to your business schedule as a student, you can collect the job let’s say typing assignments and type in the evening, after school. If you lack speed-typing skills, install a typing tutorial software like Mavis Beacon and start practicing.

After typing, you take it to a computer center to print out at N20 per page(I.e if you don’t have your personal printer). You can charge between N50 to N100 per page for each typing and printing job. Let’s do a little calculation here. Imagine you’re able to type and print an assignment of 20 pages for 100 each, you’ll make 2000. Now subtract your printing expenses of 20 per page, which goes for 400 (2000-400) you’ll have 1600 left. Note: charges may vary depending on your location.

3. Recharge Card/Voucher Business

There are two ways to running a recharge voucher business. Either you run a bulk recharge card printing, which is still very lucrative but costlier to start, or you sell as a retailer. You can buy bulk units of N100 and N200 recharge cards and sell at a higher prize. Most wholesalers sell at the 10 units of N100 recharge card for N920, this gives you an N80 profit after sales. You can easily start up this business with as low as N5,000. As you progress, you can expand the business.

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4. Organize Tutorial Classes

Here is another job opportunity I discovered while I was a student. Although this idea favours the intelligent students, i.e those very good in academics. You can organize tutorial classes for students in lower classes in your department. There are courses that are usually tough and difficult to understand, and students taking that course will not mind paying someone to teach them the course.

I organized night lectures for my course mates during those days in school and they paid me N1000 each for the duration of the course although it was weekly payments. Another way is to charge say N100 for each tutorial you organize and if 50 persons turn up, that gives you N5,000 for the day.

To organize a tutorial in school, you will need to find a free class within or outside the school, and then inform the course representative to tell the class of an upcoming tutorial session. Get the necessary tools/equipment/materials needed to make the class a success.

5. Sell Compiled Past Questions

Adding to the previous business idea is to consider selling compiled and up to date past questions and answers. This is one thing every student(expecially New students) are looking for expecially when exam is approaching. Nothing sells faster in school like past question papers. You can get past questions from the school library or your department and other departments, solve the questions with the help of your text books, then convert it to short handout and sell to students during exams. You can sell the handouts for N500 or less depending on your production cost.

6. Used Clothes Business

This might sound funny to many but trust me, it’s very lucrative only if you can find your way around it. This is usually called “Okirika clothes business” in Nigeria or bendown select. It involves buying used clothes and reselling to students. N10-20k can get you started on a small scale.

You can start by focussing on Jeans, shirts, shoes and tops that are fancy for students and affordable. It is important to meet people who are already in the business for guidance before you make your purchase. This is to avoid burning your fingers in bad business.

7. Hair Plaiting/Styling Business

Some of my friends used hair plaiting business to settle school bills that’s why I’m presenting this idea for you to consider in 2022. You can start without getting a shop, you can start right from your room/hostel, get a shade/spot and put your banner.

You can start by telling friends in your hostel or department and from there, if you’re good, they’ll sing your praises.You can also include making of weevon caps for ladies aswell. Just be smart about it and you’ll make ends meet from it.

8. Manicure and Pedicure Services

A lot of female students fix their nails especially during weekends. You can offer a home nail fixing service business. You can purchase the basic equipment needed for fixing nails with N5, 000 and charge as low as N300-500 for each service rendered.

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9. Barbing Salon Business

This is also one of the most lucrative small business ideas for male students in school. It might cost a little to start with if you’ll love to rent a shop and finishing it with everything beautiful that comes your mind. But you can also consider starting little by looking for a location in the hostel and fix your banner so long as there’s electricity. once you have the skills you’re good to go.

10. Blogging

I’m certain that you must have heard that people make millions from blogging. Well, let me confirm to you that this is 100% true. It costs nothing to start a free .blogspot or .wordpress blog and if you understand how blogging works, you will be making your money in no time. Provided you have good contents and steady traffic, you’ll be smiling each time you see your bank account every month end.

  • To start blogging, you need the following:
  • •Domain name and hosting
  • •knowlege on search engine optimization (SEO)
  • •Good contents
  • •Traffic
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11. Freelance Writing

If you have good writing skills and not using it to fetch money for yourself, then I’m sad you that you are missing out on a lot of money here. Apart from writing for bloggers who may not have the time to write, you can make a fortune from freelance sites like ODesk or Fiverr. Forums like nairaland.com are good places to offer your writing skills for a fee.

As a starter, you can offer free writing services as a way of introducing yourself and getting positive feedback. This review will be important when you create your advertising pages.

12. Graphics Design

Graphics design is another money generating machine for smart students out their. You too can be among them if you have the skills. If you don’t have the skills, you can learn it. There is shortage of competent and creative graphics designers so the few of them are always very much in demand.

Again, you can create a portfolio for yourself on odesk, fiverr, nairaland etc. Don’t hesitate to offer free services for people to test your work and give you feedback.

13. Become a Jumia Agent

Jumia agents help people to place orders and buy whatever they need on Jumia store. Jumia is one of Africa’s largest online shopping platform and as an agent/affiliate, you get commissions on every sale made through your account.

All you need to do is let people know you are a Jumia agent. You can also promote their offers on your Facebook, Whatsapp channels, blog/website, online groups/forums etc. You don’t need any money to do this and it takes very little of your time. To get started as a Jumia agent.

14. Outdoor Catering Services

Although this might be abit time demanding and stressful but it takes passion to succeed in it and be consistent in it. You can start this business yourself with nothing by joining a team that offers the service to increase your confidence in cooking for events and occasion or you can start little by rendering catering services for small events like your friends birthday party, get together, group handouts and more. Gradually, you’ll improve your cooking skills.

15. Professional Cleaning service

Who doesn’t want his new house cleaned? the answer is obvious! People expecially the wealthy once in the society usually require the services of a cleaner to tidy/clean/wash their new apartment and set things in order for them before they pack in. This is also time consuming but if you’re hardworking, you’ll not find it difficult. You require little or no capital to start this business.

To start, you will need a way of letting people know you are in the business. Facebook has made it very easy to spread the word about any service you offer. So you create an enticing Facebook page for your cleaning services, promote it for a little fee and you are in business. You can also print fliers/banners and paste it at lucrative environment. Include your contact details and a beautiful and eye catching picture.

You can do this in your spare time and you need no money to start because when people call you for a job, they pay you a deposit fee which you use to buy the materials you need.

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Here are some of the things you stand the chance of learning 👇

16. Photography

Photography, amateur or professional, is always good business for a willing mind to engage in. The trend for taking pictures at home, events and different places by people lately has become huge. So if you have the skills, just key yourself in the line and start fetching money into your pocket.

You can snap a single soft copy picture for as low as N500. So imagine you take 10 photographs a day, you’ll go home with N5000. And if you’re very good, people will start recommending you to others.For a start, you can target events and social gatherings.

17. Real Estate Agent

This line of business is infact, one of the high paying and profitable Business and I’ll love you to consider venturing into it. Not just because of the money but you’ll also get to meet various kinds of people daily. It’s a business that never goes out of fashion and is always in demand. You help people find a house to live in and you get paid. You probably know a lot of people who do this.

Reliability and access to genuine information should be your watchword if you are to succeed in this business. You will need a business card which you can always get for less than 4k. Being a sweet talker does the remaining job.

18. Sports/Physical Trainer

A lot of people struggle with weight loss and physical fitness. If you are a good athlete, think about starting a personal sports training service for helping fellow students. You can use either an on-campus facility or a local fitness facility off campus. You can also develop training manuals and videos and sell them at sports centers and gyms.

19. Pastries and Cake Making

Students and staffs need cakes for birthday celebrations and other occasions. If you have the skills, you can tap into this opportunity and make your money in your spare time. Once they know you are good, you will never run out of money. Being a sweet talker is a powerful advertising tool especially in school and out of it.

You musn’t have an oven before you can start fetching money via this business medium. You can improvise using your cooking pot and gas stove. Although you need to be knowledgeable on this to set it well to avoid over heating.

20. Kerosene retail business

Kerosene is used by most students in school due to insufficient supply of electricity and cost of cooking gas. This is one of the most lucrative small business ideas for Nigerian students. Dealers have been known to receive 100% returns on their first investment.

Most students who stay on campus are restricted by the school authority from using gas cylinders to cook so this is a great opportunity for you to talk into in 2022.

21. Sell Used Books

If you have finished your academic year and you have a pile of used books. Many times these books end up in your house’s trash bins. But there is something better that you can do with them. You can sell those books to younger students at a cheap rate than what a new copy is. The best thing about this is that it does not require any huge investment only your time is needed.

You can meet students and offer your book to them at lesser prices. Another bonus tip to this line of business is that, with time, you can easily know the books in high demand and you might want to start a mini bookshop as a students so as not to run shot of books for students.

22. Food Delivery Services

You can create a platform where you can deliver quick eatables like: smoothies & sandwiches to local businesses. You can start by targeting firms with younger employees, who often go out to have a meal/snacks during lunch & tea breaks.

You can start will simple items that don’t break their wallet, the business would be exponential with options to schedule the deliveries made earlier to arrive during lunch time, this could definitely be a problem solver for firms. You can also take a step further and made these homemade too.

23. Organize Trips

It is a well-known fact that most of the groups have plans for a trip that never happens. The WhatsApp groups have seen thousands of failed plans. Hence it’s time, when someone have to take the responsibility and get things done. So why don’t you be that someone and be the HERO of your group.

Organize trips to different destinations, it could be for events, festivals or weekend trips. Group bookings always gets the good deal on coaches & many entry tickets. You can charge a commission or whole amount for inclusive deals. Sounds pretty good right?

24. Youtuber

Aiming to become a youtuber looks like an easy & lucrative career. You can make video on anything(niche) in which you have interest and, in this way, you enjoy and at the same time make money out of it. You can make money off them through the ads & sponsorships. You can start by creating content at your free time and upload on your YouTube Channel, then share to friends.

Though, it won’t be an overnight success, you just have to keep going for some time and later on you will definitely see amazing results. You’ll have to consider joining lots of Facebook or Whatsapp groups on campus so you can easily share your videos there for others to watch.

25. Offer Car Washing Services

It’s possible to make a lot of money by washing people’s cars however you must have the right permission. Instead of establishing your own car wash center, you can start a business to wash cars at people’s home

26. Videography

There is a wide range of opportunities for videographers. These include weddings, birthdays, shooting music or films, corporate events, or commercials. Actually, the need for video content is on the rise as people want to capture a special memory or promote a brand online. Therefore a student with an eye for the film can start a videography startup business.

27. Laundry Services

Students hate doing laundry, and as a student entrepreneur, you can capitalize on their laziness. You can begin by washing, drying, ironing, and delivering your fellow students’ clothes for a modest price.

Next, upgrade your business and start targeting busy parents and professionals. You can design and print leaflets to market your services, hire more people, and soon you will have a big company with the necessary equipment and offering laundry services.

28. Makeup Artist

A student can join the growing makeup artistry industry by offering bridal makeup services or prosthetics and special effects. Still, school leavers attend prom each year, and they do so in thousands, and so you can be their makeup artist.

29. Fitness Instructor

Many people are looking for private fitness or yoga instructor, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic where social distancing is the new normal. Being a personal fitness trainer means you will go to people’s homes to train them on improving their health through exercises, yoga, or meditation.

Remember, health and fitness have become people’s priority nowadays due to the increased number of lifestyle diseases.

30. Budget Nutritionist

You can earn nutritionist revenue by researching and creating a list of cost-effective, healthy meals and share them on your social media platform or website. Your followers will share with their friends, and soon you will have a huge following. This will help you get requests from individuals seeking personalized meal plans, brands will contract you to advertise their products, or you can still partner with a fitness coach and sell your packages.

31. Flyering

Many companies are looking for people to distribute their leaflets and flyer in order to attract customers. Getting required paperwork will help you distribute leaflets in busy places, private properties, or universities.

32. Grocery Delivery

People are busy, others are sick, fear going to crowded places, and still some are lazy. Amazon has been making a kill with their 2-hour delivery, and so can you. You can create a website or advertise your general delivery services on social media. Soon you will be making a lot of money instead of idling at the university.

33. Become a DJ

Many students are becoming Disc Jockeys because of increased house parties, student nights, birthday and weddings parties, as well as other big events outside the university. Ask your friend to invite you to their party and play at their event for free in exchange for feedback. If they like it, then start charging and ask them to recommend you to others.

Still, you can market your business on Facebook and Instagram, and when you gain adequate experience, you can partner with event companies.

34. Nightlife Entertainment

You can start a business to supply promoters and venues with what they need. For instance, if you belong to a band or are a DJ with sound equipment, you can become their supplier for whatever they need.

35. Print On-demand Items

A good urban photographer or cartoonist can easily turn their skill into a lucrative business while in school. You can design and print greeting cards, posters, and framed wall art. The internet is flooded with multiple digital templates and platforms where you can showcase your work even without printing them. Still, you can print-on-demand t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, hats, phone cases, and more.

You can sell to your colleagues in school or print t-shirts that bear something that your community takes pride in or is passionate about it. Look for a good designer in your area or find one on freelancing platforms such as 99Designs, Upwork, Dribble, or Fiverr.

36. Teach Music

You can start and run your startup online, offline, or both if you’re a student with good music skills. Still, you can work as a part-time music teacher in a nearby school or organization.Print On-demand Items: A good urban photographer or cartoonist can easily turn their skill into a lucrative business while in school. You can design and print greeting cards, posters, and framed wall art.

The internet is flooded with multiple digital templates and platforms where you can showcase your work even without printing them. Still, you can print-on-demand t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, hats, phone cases, and more. You can sell to your colleagues in school or print t-shirts that bear something that your community takes pride in or is passionate about it. Look for a good designer in your area or find one on freelancing platforms such as 99Designs, Upwork, Dribble, or Fiverr.

37. Become an Affiliate

This begins with creating a YouTube channel or website and then growing enough traffic. Next, you can register with an affiliate network in your niche market or find brands that can pay you commission for marketing their products or services on your channel or site. So you will place an affiliate marketing link on your content and earn every time a buyer clicks on it to buy an item from that company or subscribe to their services.

38. Start a Coffee/tea Shop

You can start a coffee shop where you serve people, including fellow students, with coffee and snacks. Invest in a café with ample space where people can hold meetings as they take their coffee/tea.

39. Open a Fast food Joint

We all need something to eat at every moment of our lives. Mostimes after lectures, students are usually hungry and needs something light to eat and rush back to lectures or other school activities. Why not consider starting an indomie and egg shop and fried chips. You can run it at night then employ someone to run it for you during the day if possible.

Once you have a good spot, you can start with roughly N10, 000.

40. Mobile phone/computer repair Business

If you have the skills of repairing phones/laptop then you’re on your way to fetching money daily as a student. Get friends to know that you can fix their phones or rent a shop and before you know it, you’re already getting customers.

You can also include software Installation for computers, selling of phone/computer accessories, selling of recharge card, etc.

41. Phone/computer charging business

It’s no longer news that having a stable and constant power supply is a challenge in Nigeria. Your target audience for this business is not people who have alternative power supply sources but those who don’t. So, this should be considered when deciding a location for your business.

All you need is a standby generator and a location/shop that’s easily accessible by customers. Get all necessary electrical connections and equipment/gadgets. Buy of ask a carpenter to make a circuit box for charging the phones and you’re good to go. Print your fliers/banners and place them at lucrative locations for people to see. Aside getting a shop, you can start this business with about N10, 000.


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