What Does Masturdation Mean? Reasons Why It Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

We encounter new words every day and add them to our repertoire. This is a word that we might have included in our “vocabs.” Learn more about the term “masturdate,” which is currently in vogue.

What Does Masturbation Mean? Reasons Why It Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Masturdate is a deliberate pun on masturbate that was originally used on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.


The phrase is frequently used to indicate that someone will go on a typical date with themselves with the sole intent of impressing and pleasing themselves.

Masturdating is the act of going out by oneself when you don’t have a date. For instance, a typical case may have someone remark, “I decided to masturbate because I couldn’t find anyone to go out with me. I treated myself to a meal and a movie.

A scheduled video call rendezvous for mutual self-gratification could also be referred to as a masturdate in the COVID and online dating age.

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Saying, “My partner lives in Arizona, yet we masturbate at least twice a week,” would be one example.

A masturdate is a date with someone you know will give you a handjob and you’ll be happy to give them one in return.

Here is a typical illustration: Yes, I am definitely masturbating the History dude.

Here are some reasons why masturbation isn’t necessarily terrible. It’s not necessarily a negative thing to masturbate.

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In reality, there are advantages to masturbating, which makes me think that everyone—including those in partnerships or simply living the single life—should at least give it a try. This is why:

1. You have time for personal reflection.

Life entails putting in countless hours at a job you despise in exchange for a paycheck where 10% (or more, most likely) goes to taxes and 70% goes to bills.

Yes, life can be like a delicate butterfly, freely flying through lush fields next to a prime example of lovely spring elegance.

However, life may also be like a nagging gnat terrorizing your family picnic in the summer, crawling on your food and in your drink, along with a million other gnats that are only there to disturb your calm.

While traveling through this one-time encounter, we are more than familiar with the latter.

Therefore, we should always find a method to escape from reality and a moment for introspective, solitary thought while life tosses curveballs, fastballs, and change-ups a la Randy Johnson.

Is there a more effective way to accomplish this than to grab the car keys, head out of the home, and make the well-deserved trip to an isolated location?

Find a quiet place to reflect on everything, from family disputes to whether Miracle Whip or genuine mayonnaise tastes better in the end.

Release any pent-up tension that prevents you from joining a gym.

You could also see a funny film, sign up for a gym membership, or even write in a park.

Take all action you can to ponder on this God-given blessing and curse known as “life.” You’ll find a kind of peace that is superior to always having someone nearby.

2. You save money.

At first glance, this might seem egotistical, but trust me—it makes sense. Riding alone does result in some additional savings, regardless of whether you are currently committed to someone or want to be soon.

Paying for one item rather than two in an era where everyone is scrambling to save money by using coupons liberally is a good idea.

This is probably more from a male standpoint, I suppose. Many people think it’s chivalrous to pay for the woman when going to the movies, eating out, or going on adventures.

But girls eager for a “night out” who are ditching their group of pals won’t waste money on those exorbitantly priced lime-cherry mojitos. Go out alone occasionally and save some money.

3. You’re awarded some much-needed rest.

Let’s face it: You are quite exhausted. A Gallup survey found that nearly 40% of Americans sleep for fewer than the recommended eight hours per night, and that those under the age of 50 are most often sleep deprived.

Due to a lack of sleep, a lot of young people in America experience exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, poor energy, and other problems.

We all understand the value of sleep, and it can be challenging to get a restful night’s sleep in a setting where “more work, less sleep” is encouraged.

It would be quite helpful to have a night to yourself with Netflix playing in the background while you put your head on a soft pillow and catch up on some z’s.

Take a Friday night off to focus just on relaxing your body. You’ll be glad you did later.

I understand that a hermit lifestyle and a lack of social interaction can be detrimental to one’s mental health.

However, there are times when you simply need to be by yourself. Masturbation delivers precisely that.

By yourself, with yourself, and for yourself, give yourself a break. You shouldn’t constantly think of masturbating negatively.

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