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Matt Wright Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Height


Matt Wright Wikipedia: Matt Wright, is a wildlife re-locator instructor, Television show host and personality who is widely recognized for his work on the National Geographic Channel’s Outback Wrangler. He has more than 440,000 followers on his verified Instagram account. Before Fame, he served in the Australian Army in his youth. This article will talk about Matt Wright Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Wort and more…

Matt Wright Wikipedia

Matt Wright, a wildlife re-locator instructor, and chopper pilot project his skills as the star of National Geographic’s global series, Outback Wrangler, which is watched in over 85 countries. He has recently returned to our TV screen with brand new Croc-Wrestling adventure “Wild Territory.”

Matt is also a best-selling author and successful brand ambassador of Tourism Australia. Matt Wright, grew up in Papua New Guinea, an island nation in Oceania located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and the Australian outback, being comfortable around dangerous snakes, spiders, stampeding cattle, and even sharks was a way of life.


By the time Matt was 10, he had gathered a large collection of some of Australia’s most dangerous animals including three deadly King Brown snakes. He was always in trouble at home and school for confidently sharing his ‘pets’ with his classmates and family.

Matt Wright Wikipedia

Matt Wright Net Worth

As of 2022, Matt Wright has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Chopper pilot and animal expert Matthew Wright has spent his life outdoors, drawn to creatures that most of us would run from. At a young age, he became comfortable with wildlife, including deadly snakes, spiders, and sharks.


He has spent time as a musterer, oil rig worker, soldier in the Australian Army, crocodile egg collector, and is a professional chopper pilot and instructor. He works with various dangerous animals, including crocodiles, wild buffalo, and even polar bears.

He works closely with many professional scientists, wildlife management authorities, indigenous elders, and cattle station owners to ensure a win-win situation for the animals and humans who need his help.

Matt Wright Wikipedia

Popular Tv personality Matt Wright was born on August 29, 1979, on the south coast area of South Australia. Matt comes from a sheep training family with his father, a wool classer, and his mother, a generational sheep farmer. Matt spent a lot of time outdoors from a young age.

Matt Wright Wikipedia

Both his parents were interested in the external way of life. As a result, Matt was taken up in the wilds of Papua New Guinea and the Australian countryside. Matt was comfortable around wildlife from a young age, including poisonous snakes and deadly spiders.

Matt Wright Age: How old is Matt Wright?

Matt Wright was born on 29 August 1979. He is 43 years old in 2022.

Before Fame

However, from the time he burst into the scene, Matt had already spent time as an outback musterer (horse wrangler), oil rig worker, a soldier in the Australian Army, crocodile egg collector, and professional chopper pilot and instructor. Backed by varied experiences, Matt devoted his entire time to disagreeing and is one of the best personalities in the business.

Over the years, Matt’s fame continued to rise day by day, and he learned so many things that the National Geographic Channel invited him to work on a brand new series, Outback Wrangler.

Matt Wright Wikipedia

Matt Wright Viewpoint

While many people believe that he needs to be gunfire, Matt has a different viewpoint system. Matt Wright often transports the crocs into a safe environment as a professional wrangler. Over the years, Matt’s work has been the subject of a few TV series, including Outback Wrangler and Monster Croc Wrangler.

While Matt is renowned as a wrangler, he doesn’t like people drawing up comparisons between himself and the late Steve Irwin. Matt defines himself based on his work and doesn’t like being compared to anyone else. As the man puts it, “Jesus, I’m Matt Wright. I will do my shit.” In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Matt Wright.

Matt Wight Wife And Kids

Matt Wright is married to his darling wife, Kaia Wright, and the couple tied the knot in 2017. The couple met each other in 2014, which retells an outstanding experience. Kaia had been single for a while, and when her friends wanted her to get back into the dating game, Kaia declared she felt so grateful that she married Matt.

Matt Wright Wikipedia

So when Matt landed a helicopter in front of his most beloved Kaia, she could not believe the coincidence of this beautiful moment. The couple dated after a while and got engaged on November 6, 2016. A year later, on November 10, 2017, the couple tied the knot.

They gave birth to their first child, Banjo Elliott Wright, on August 13, 2019. He is also a best-selling author and successful brand ambassador of Tourism Australia.

Matt Wright Height

Matt Wright’s height is 6 feet (182,88 c.m.). Matt Wright, Raised on the wild plains of Australia, has done plenty of jobs like horse wrangler, Australian Army soldier, crocodile egg collector, helicopter pilot, wildlife relocator, and tourism operator.

But, as a star of National Geographic’s hit TV show Outback Wrangler, he gets paid a colossal sum every month. He also made thousands of dollars from show residuals. In addition, Matt’s new TV adventure Wild Territory will, undoubtedly, contribute to increasing his current worth.

Matt Wright Wikipedia


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