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Meditate Life Podcast With Josh

Meditate Life Podcast With Josh is an amazing, edifying, educative, inspirational and blessed moment where Josh gets to share a whole lot of amazing things. Josh is a young talented soul that has a unique definition when it comes to God’s plans for mankind and how God sees himself in man.

Meditate Life Podcast is the moment where Josh gets to share with you some life changing testimonies, true life stories, and unbelievable facts about God’s word. Many people find it difficult to see themselves through God’s own eyes and that has limited them or rather given them a myopic view of their purpose, making them live a life of mediocrity.

Join Josh in this journey as he unravel God’s sure promises spoken about you.

Have you ever wondered what life is all about: what to do, where to be, and most importantly, who you are? Then you’re welcome to Meditate Life Podcast. Every episode contains powerful information to help you grow and build a fruitful life, with the right knowledge and understanding. Join in the amazing adventure of discovering the fullness of life that God has given us to explore and enjoy!

Episode One: God has plans and purpose for your life

Do you feel like you’re stagnant? And there is more you can achieve? On this first episode of the Meditate Life Podcast, Josh speaks on how God changes our life by changing the way we think. PLAY ▶️

Episode Two: Trusting God’s Process

Oftentimes, we get discouraged and ask “Did I really hear from God?” Or “God, why is it taking you so long?” Join Josh in this amazing episode, as we discover ways of trusting God’s process. PLAY ▶️

Episode Three: Forgiveness

Do you know those who hurt you in the past cannot continue to hurt you now unless you hold on to the pain through resentment and unforgiveness? Listen as he shares two powerful secrets that will help you learn to forgive and let go of pain and hurt. PLAY ▶️

Episode Four: Learning to Love and Forgive – Part 2

Do you know we are instructed by God to forgive and not trust? On this episode, Josh concludes the series by sharing the remaining powerful secrets on love and forgiveness. PLAY ▶️

While we await the next episode from Josh, kindly drop a comment or thoughts about all you’ve heard below.

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