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Meet Beatrice Thompson, a well-known prostitute in the United States.


Beatrice Thompson, often known as “3$,” is a 76-year-old retired American prostitute who is thought to have served over 500,000 clients over the course of 54 years, including four American presidents.

Beatrice Thompson $3

When Beatrice first started working as a prostitute and was charging the same amount for a blow job, she was given the nickname “3$.” It was revealed that she would have retired years ago if she hadn’t been so determined to satisfy 500,000 guys.

“When I was younger, I could appease 50 to 100 men a day,” she remarked. It took me a few more years to get there once I made the decision to reach half a million before retiring.

Beatrice’s decision to stop prostitution was covered by the local media, many of whom referred to it as a significant turning point in the history of prostitution in Nevada, the only US state where it is allowed.



According to one account, Beatrice’s most recent client was a 34-year-old German man from Hamburg who claimed to have traveled 5400 miles expressly for her.

Beatrice Thompson “3$” disclosed that she has paperwork to back up her assertions, such as tax returns, pay stubs, and even tens of thousands of customer reviews. She added that she intended to get in touch with Guinness World Records in order to get a prize and recognition for her achievement.

In accordance with another account, she was recognized for her contributions to the industry with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 and was chosen “Sex Worker of the Year” by the Sex Workers’ Union of Nevada 17 times between 1969 and 1992.

Netizens expressed gratitude to Beatrice upon hearing of her retirement, while some referred to her as a “genuine veteran of the country” and suggested that she raise her rates in honor of the four presidents. As a resident of Nevada, one person remarked, “This isn’t really that shocking.”

Beatrice is reportedly seeking for a husband because she is finally ready to settle down, according to an unconfirmed social media claim.


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