Meet Dana Alleyne, The Lady Behind Akon’s ‘Put The Blame On Me’ Song

Due to the fact that our memories of Danah Alleyne may have faded, many of us may not actually recall who she is. Let’s immediately flashback to 2007 when Akon recorded the song “put the blame on me” to handle the situation surrounding him and an underage girl at a nightclub so that we don’t forget who she is. Now, do you recall correctly? Good!

Meet Dana Alleyne, The Lady Behind Akon's 'Put The Blame On Me' Song

Danah Alleyne is the name of the minor, and she is still alive now.

Let me briefly describe what transpired between these two interesting people for those who do not fully remember the story of Akon and Danah.

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Akon traveled to Spain in 2007 to perform at a nightclub there. For safety reasons, this nightclub had a severe policy prohibiting revelers under the age of 21 from entering. However, it is still unknown how Danah, a 15-year-old, managed to enter the club without being recognized as a minor.

Meet Dana Alleyne, The Lady Behind Akon's 'Put The Blame On Me' Song

Danah entered the stage during Akon’s performance and they began to dance. Because of how outrageous their dance moves were, when the videos were finally posted on social media, they drew harsh criticism and almost got Akon into serious trouble. Funny, huh? Danah was later revealed to be a pastor’s daughter.

It’s interesting to note that Danah is no longer a child as she is now 29 years old. The young, stunning woman is Trinidadian, and she is the younger sister of Ian Alleyne, the host of the Trinidadian television program Crime Watch.

Leander Alleyne, Danah’s sister who practices law in Trinidad, is also identified as a family member. It should not surprise you that Danah studied law with the aid of her sister and that she even made news after she was admitted to the bar as a lawyer a few months ago with her new accomplishment.

Meet Dana Alleyne, The Lady Behind Akon's 'Put The Blame On Me' Song

Dana Alleyne Relationship

The sad fact that Danah lost her boyfriend in 2019 should also be mentioned. Her boyfriend passed away after being shot by the police.

Danah began dating Keone Paryag many years ago, and things looked to be going well until October 2019, when Paryag arrived to Danah’s house brandishing a gun and holding both Danah and her mother hostage for an unknown period of time.

Meet Dana Alleyne, The Lady Behind Akon's 'Put The Blame On Me' Song

When the police learned of the predicament, they acted quickly. When they arrived on the scene, Paryag was asked to drop his gun, but he refused. Later, he was wounded twice in the left leg, necessitating an ambulance ride to the hospital.

He reportedly arrived at the Chaguanas district health center in a hurry, but the physicians were unable to perform an operation on him due of the harsh substance he had been using.

Paryag experienced a major hemorrhage and passed just a few hours later (loss of blood). Thankfully, Danah was let free from her boyfriend’s hostage-taking tactics.

But it’s encouraging to know that Danah was able to pick herself up after losing her partner, and she is now a successful attorney in Trinidad. I think Danah’s tale will inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves.

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