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Meet Femi Otedola’s Children: Temi, Fewa, Tolani and DJ Cuppy


Three daughters and one son are among the four offspring of Femi Otedola. They are Fewa Otedola, Temi, Florence “DJ Cuppy,” and Tolani. Children from Femi Otedola’s previous relationships with Olayinka Odukoya and his wife Nana Otedola were born.

Meet Femi Otedola’s Children: Temi, Fewa, Tolani and DJ Cuppy
Femi Otedola

The three daughters of the Nigerian billionaire cum oil mogul are noted for having strong relationships with him and attracting attention when he showers them with gifts and accolades, including Ferrari vehicles. Although his riches and reputation helped his children become renowned, they are also interested in well-known fields including acting, blogging, and music.

Who is Femi Ottedola’s First Child?

Meet Femi Otedola’s Children: Temi, Fewa, Tolani and DJ Cuppy

Olawunmi Christy Tolani Otedola is Femi Otedola’s first child. She was born on April 21, 1986, in Lagos State to the business tycoon and his then-girlfriend, Olayinka Odukoya, and is better known by her stage name, Tolani. The 36-year-old, who had completed high education in Nigeria, enrolled at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Tolani is a musician, yet she may take advantage of the notoriety that comes with being Femi Otedola’s daughter. Tenderoni Ft. Skales, her debut single from 2017, marked the beginning of her professional career. Additionally, she collaborated with Reekado Banks on the popular song Ba Mi Lo (2019). She also has other songs, including Maybe Baby (2019), Badman (2020), and Fire on the Mountain (2021).


In her life and work, Tolani has had a variety of ups and downs. She revealed in 2021 via Instagram that she had a condition that affected her weight and her confidence and for which she had received a diagnosis. She became fearful of social media as a result, among other things. She nevertheless managed to accept recovery.

The relationship between her mother and Femi Otedola is another area of her life where there is conflict. Tolani was taken away from her when she was about 2 years old, according to her mother Yinka, and the millionaire and his mother never permitted him to see her again. She allowed an interview in 2012 to share her story because she was unable to hold it in any longer.

Also, from her mother’s relationship after her birth, she has a half-sister named Eniola.

Florence DJ Cuppy Otedola is the Most Famous of Femi Otedola’s Children

Meet Femi Otedola’s Children: Temi, Fewa, Tolani and DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy is Femi Otedola’s second child with his wife Nana Otedola and their first child together. The 29 years old is a producer, vocalist, and DJ who has had a lot of success. At the age of 16, she began her career as a DJ, and she hasn’t looked back since.

She has performed as a DJ for audiences around the world, including dignitaries. She has performed at events like the Financial Times Luxury Summit (2014) and will be a part of the class of 2020’s Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30. Jollof on the Jet Ft. Rema & Rayvanny, Feel Good Ft. Fireboy DML, Fkn Around Ft. Megan Thee Stallion, and Green Light Ft. Tekno are a few of her well-known songs.

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The billionaire’s daughter not only performs music, but she also hosts the Sunday edition of BBC Radio 1Xtra’s breakfast show. She founded the Cuppy Foundation and is the creator of the Cuppy Foundation. Florence Ifeolowa Otedola is an ambassador for numerous companies, including Pepsi, Save The Children UK, and the Lagos SDGs Youth Alliance, to name a few.

Cuppy received her schooling at Grange School in Ikeja before moving to Londo at the age of 13 to finish her studies. She earned a business and economics degree from King’s College London in 2014 at the age of 22. She graduated with a master’s in music business from New York University in 2015, and she went back to school in 2021 to earn a master’s in African studies from the University of Oxford in England. She revealed that her thesis was finished as July 2022 drew to a close.

Looking into Cuppy’s romantic history reveals that she dated Davido’s manager Asa Asika. According to reports, the couple first met in 2011 and later broke up and reconnected. In 2020, after a breakup, the relationship came to an end.

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Victor Anichebe, a Nigerian football player, is another man she has been associated to. The rumored relationship began around the same time that she split from Asika, but it was never able to see the light of day because it also ended in a split. She stated that the long distance relationship was the cause, but several fans alleged that the footballer ditched the DJ in favor of a white woman.

The second daughter of the wealthy has also been linked to American-Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua, but neither their relationship nor denial of it has ever been made public. In a similar vein, DJ Cuppy has been connected to a number of other male actors. The public still holds many of the supposed ties with her closely despite the fact that they have been refuted.

Femi Otedola’s Last Daughter Temi Otedola is a Blogger and Actress

Meet Femi Otedola’s Children: Temi, Fewa, Tolani and DJ Cuppy

The third child of Femi Otedola, Temi was born Temioluwa Elizabeth Otedola on March 20, 1996. She attended both the University of London and the University College London to study art history. She currently manages the JTO Fashion blog. Her passion for the arts served as the inspiration for the site, which features articles about fashion, beauty, the arts, and travel adventures.

She gained recognition in the Nigerian film business in 2020 when she was 24 years old thanks to an excellent performance in the Kunle Afolanyan film Citation as “Moremi.” She was depicted in The Man For the Job as well (2022).

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She has received nominations for Best of Nollywood Awards (2020) and Net Honours (2021) for Revelation of the Year and Most Searched Person, respectively, for her acting talent. At the Ghana Movie Awards, she was also named Best Actress (2021).

Temi Otedola has been in a committed relationship with Oluwatosin Ajibade, also known as “Mr. Eazi,” for a significant amount of time. She claims that the Nigerian singer makes her feel at peace and that she has always known he is the one. Prior to her 26th birthday, on April 10, 2022, the famous celebrity pair got engaged.

Fewa Otedola is the Only Son of the Billionaire

Meet Femi Otedola’s Children: Temi, Fewa, Tolani and DJ Cuppy

Femi Otedola’s lone son and last child, Fewa Otedola, has a net worth of $1.8 billion. The 22-year-old Fewa has autism, a spectrum illness that impacts speech as well as social and cognitive functions.

The billionaire’s son leads a more quiet existence due to his illness and relies heavily on his family for support. As a result, the public has very little access to information on him.

Otedola Allegedly Almost Had a 5th Child

Her mother supposedly took in another person after Tolani. She allegedly said that Femi had led her to believe that if they had a second kid, his mother would be compelled to approve of their engagement.

The plan, however, changed completely when Tolani’s mother experienced reality after Femi allegedly denied being pregnant. She went into labor around the 7-month mark and gave birth to a stillborn baby who might have been Otedola’s second child at the time.
Who are the mothers of the kids born to Femi Otedola?

Otedola is the father of two women’s children: Nana Otedola and Olayinka Odukoya. Before getting married to Nana Otedola, he had Tolani with Odukoya. With her, he also had DJ Cuppy, Temi, and his only son Fewa.

Few controversies resulted from Olayinka Odukoya’s relationship with Femi Otedola.

The woman from South-Western Nigeria was about 21 years old when she found out she was pregnant Femi Otedola’s child, but she hadn’t even started nursing school yet. As a result, she was unable to continue her school, but she did learn that the millionaire, who was at the time working as a stationary salesman at the Iponri Shopping Complex, was not happy about the pregnancy. He advised her against getting an abortion, nevertheless.

She stated that Tolani was kidnapped from her by the Otedolas after she gave birth to and raised her daughter with Femi, who was 2 at the time. She left the southern region of the country where she was based and gave birth to Otedola’s first child in order to get her bearings. She then traveled to the north where she lived there for years.

She stayed out of the spotlight and continued to fight for a chance to see her baby, but her efforts were in vain since Femi would not even turn to look in her direction or allow her to at least speak a word to the girl that she had.

Despite everything that had occurred, she continued on and began a new relationship with a different guy, giving birth to another daughter named Eniola. But she admitted that she was unable to move on from her relationship with Otedola, the son of the previous governor of Lagos, and enjoy another one.

The billionaire’s wife and mother of three of Femi Otedola’s children is Nana Otedola.

Meet Femi Otedola’s Children: Temi, Fewa, Tolani and DJ Cuppy

On August 2, 1960, Nana Otedola was born. Despite claims to the contrary, she has no connections to Ghana other than through her name, despite claims to the contrary. She was alleged to have been born in the UK instead.

Entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Nana. She also serves as the managing director of the Garment Care washing company. In 1992, she gave birth to Cuppy, her first kid, with her rich husband. She gave birth to Temi in 1996, which was followed by Fewa in 2000, four years later.


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