Meet Lisa Sparks, The Woman Who Slept With 919 Men In 24 Hours

According to The Guinness world records, Lisa Sparks, Is the woman who hold the world record for the most number of men slept with within 24 hours. She is a citizen of Poland.

Lisa Sparks

She broke this world record in the year 2004, when she slept with 919 men within only 24 hours. Earlier before she broke the record, the previous record holder was at 759 men within 24 hours. According to Lisa Sparks, she was involved in the action with every man taking about 45 seconds. She said she enjoyed thou she felt some pain later on.

Lisa Sparks
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Everything happened in Poland. This shows how one can do anything so that they can be written in the Guinness book of records, just like what Lisa Sparks did.

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