Meet The Lady With The Longest Natural Hair In Nigeria

The length of this woman’s hair must astonish you, and while you could assume that it is not her natural hair, there is no need to be alarmed because it is.

Meet The Lady With The Longest Natural Hair In Nigeria

She goes by the name Lindsay Ijeoma Chris and is the Nigerian woman with the longest hair. According to Lindsay, she only took six years to get her hair this long. She claimed that in 2014, after cutting her hair short, she started growing it out again. Now, in 2022, she claims to have the longest natural hair in Nigeria.

Lindsay asserts that our diet and beverage choices have an impact on how much hair we grow.

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Meet The Lady With The Longest Natural Hair In Nigeria

She provided six recommendations for getting longer hair.

Step 1

Use a detangling hair spray to properly detangle the hair.

Step 2

Use a shampoo that strengthens hair to shampoo your hair.

Step 3

Apply deep conditioner next, then cover the hair with a plastic bag for 30 to 60 minutes.

Step 4

Apply leave-in conditioner after rinsing the deep conditioner.

Step 5

Use a DIY oil or a herbal growth oil to massage the hair.

Step 6

Apply a butter cream as a sealer after that.

Lindsay claimed that she has been using these steps, and they have been successful for her.

Her routine was successful not just for her but also for her daughter.

Lindsay recommends women to follow her regimen and see results by drinking lots of water, eating well, and avoiding using any type of heat on their hair.

Lindsay also owns a beauty store where organic hair care items are offered.

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