Meet Zambian priest James Sakala who was buried alive, promised church members to resurrect like Jesus Christ but died mysteriously

The Bible and history agree that only Jesus Christ, the only son of God, was able to defeat death and rise from the dead on the third day.

Meet Zambian priest James Sakala who was buried alive, promised church members to resurrect like Jesus Christ but died mysteriously

Many people have attempted to put their faith into action by imitating the miracles performed by Jesus Christ, including walking on water, healing the sick, opening the eyes of the blind, turning water into wine, and praying for infertility in women who are barren.



However, it is quite rare for someone to attempt to enter the grave while promising to rise from the dead on the third day.

James Sakala, a 22-year-old overconfident priest, invited his miracle-seeking congregation to witness the second resurrection to ever occur after that of Jesus. He was dressed in pure white gown apparel like the disciples of Jesus Christ and only had brown leather slippers on his feet.

“All ye of little faith, bury this Sakala you see now and he shall raise from the dead and breath his free lungs full again!” he instructed his followers in a weird voice that seemed to be emanating from someone who was under the influence of the holy spirit.

They were originally apprehensive, but they eventually complied out of respect for their priest, helping him on his journey.

The mother of all miracles—resurrecting from the dead—was Sakala of Zion Church’s, a sideline witch doctor, goal in the Zambian hamlet of Chidiza.

Zambian pastor James Sakala passed away Pastor James Sakala was buried alive but later died.

When asked about the motivation for it, Sakala cited scripture and claimed that when Jesus instructed his disciples to “do this in memory of me” on the eve of his execution by Roman soldiers, he was referring to the resurrection, not only drinking wine and munching on unleavened bread.

He was allowed to lay flat in his ditch by his devoted followers and congregation, who then covered him in soil while singing hymns and dancing. They had no choice but to search the area for shovels.

The choir sung beautiful songs and danced in anticipation of a manifestation of the heavenly deliverance from God as the priest lay beneath the mound of soil.

Sakala was unable to resurrect as he had promised despite singing praise song after praise song and speaking in tongue after tongue.

All spiritual rituals and attempts to raise him from the dead proved unsuccessful when his troubled followers dug up the tomb and discovered, to their surprise, that his white garment was stained with blood, mucus, and other signs that he had struggled mightily before passing away.

Police in the Eastern Province of Geza Phiri are looking for those who took part in the unsuccessful resurrection.

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