Michael Jackson Haircut: What hairstyles did Michael Jackson have?

Michael Jackson was an American singer, dancer and one of the greatest entertainers that has ever lived. And, Michael was also famous for his lace panties. In this article, I will be talking about Michael Jackson haircuts and hairstyles.

Michael Jackson Haircut and Hairstyles

The most famous fashion was Michael Jackson’s short hair and as a young guy, the Michael Jackson afro became an important part of his individuality. Michale Jackson started his career with an Afro hairstyle during the 80s. His fans have been mad to the Michael Jackson short hair styles as well as for Michael Jackson curly hair layouts.


A very recognizable appearance is Michael Jackson Jheri curl hairstyle. The Mj Jheri curl hairstyle was shorter on top having a loose two or three around the forehead. The following article presents the most common styles of Michael Jackson Haircut styles for men.

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Check Out These Best of All-time Stylish Michael Jackson Haircut For Men

Throughout his life, Michael experimented a lot with his hairstyles. And if you look closely, you will notice that his hairstyle has been an indispensable part of his larger-than-life persona.

21. Afro Styles

Afro Styles

Amazing Michael Jackson Hairstyles For Men

20. Elegant Bob Haircuts

Elegant Bob Hairstyles

19. Hairstyle with Line Design

Half Bun. The half-bun curly hair is the first hairstyle that comes into mind when you think Michael Jackson. Michael wore the half bun with a few messy strands falling on his forehead for most of his stage performances.

Michael Jackson Haircut

Did Michael Jackson have hair surgery?

In November 1993, Jackson announced that he was dependent on painkillers; he said he had recently undergone a scalp surgery, and the painkillers had been prescribed.

18. Half Bun Hairstyles

Half Bun Hairstyles

17. Long Fringe Haircut For Men

Michael Jackson Haircut

16. Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

15. Men Bun Styles

Men Bun Hairstyles

How did Michael Jackson Burn his hair off?

When Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire during the third take of an Eighties Pepsi commercial, he was dancing – and had no idea his hairdo was ablaze. The pop star kept on dancing down the stairs on the set, until a friend ran up to him, wrestled him to the ground and put it out.

14. Michael Jackson Childhood Afro Styles

Michael Jackson Childhood Afro Hairstyles
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13. Michael Jackson Childhood Hairstyles

Michael Jackson Haircut

12. Michael Jackson Curly Hair

Michael Jackson Curly Hair

11. Michael Jackson Hair

Michael Jackson Hair

Famous Michael Jackson Haircuts For Men

10. Michael Jackson Jheri curl hairstyle

For the Jheri Curl, he straightened out his hair with a chemical known as a “Relaxer” and sprayed a hairspray known as an “Activator”. For the “Thriller Curls” worn when his album “Thriller” was released, Michael wore a part in his hair.

Michael Jackson Jheri curl hairstyle

9. Michael Jackson Long Hairstyles

Michael Jackson Haircut
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8. The King Of Pop Medium-Length Hairstyles

Michael Jackson Medium-Length Hairstyles

7. Mike Mid Part Hairstyles

Michael Jackson Mid Part Hairstyles

6. MJ Ponytails Hairstyles

Michael was a born performer and one of the on-stage hairstyles of Michael Jackson that was simple yet stunning was this knotted ponytail. For the ease of movement on-stage, this hairstyle of Michael Jackson was perfect and instantly became a huge hit among fans.

Michael Jackson Ponytails Hairstyles

5. Michael Jackson Rocking Hairstyles

Michael Jackson Rocking Hairstyles

4. Mike Shoulder Length Hair

Michael Jackson Shoulder Length Hair

3. Mike Teen Hairstyles

Michael Jackson Teen Hairstyles

2. MJ with Long Straight Hair

Michael Jackson with Long Straight Hair

1. Michael Jackson Young Hairstyles

Michael Jackson Young Hairstyles

More Michael Jackson Haircut I Can Think Of

The Jackson

Off the wall


Bad era

HIStory era

Dangerous era

How did Michael Jackson wear his hair?

Michael Jackson did have his hair Jeri curled but after the Pepsi fire which burnt his skull and hair wouldn’t regrow, Michael started wearing wigs. The straight hair are all wigs. When Michael was at home, he didn’t wear any wig. Sometimes he went out without the wig and fans never recognised him.

Invincible era

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