Naira Marley Religion: Is Naira Marley a Muslim/Christian?

Are you among those asking if Naira Marley is a Muslim or a Christian? Then you’re in the right place as we’ll be telling you Naira Marley’s real religion.

The controversial hip-hop musician popularly called Naira Marley has his real name to be Azeez Fashola. He is a popular music artist in Nigeria and is mostly popular among the youths as he seems to be the voice of most youths on the street.


He emerged into the celebrity life and became popularly known in 2019, when he dropped his hit single titled “Am I Yah00 Boy?” and “Gbese”, among others. Being controversial in his pattern of music, Naira has been on the lips of everyone, both the young and the old.


Is Naira Marley a Muslim or Christian?

Naira Marley Religion
Naira Marley

Alot of people wonder if Naira Marley is truly a Muslim or not. When he was asked about which Religion he belongs to, his reply was so surprising. The UK based Musician said that going to church or mosque does not determine one’s way to be pure.

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The superstar said he is neither a Christain nor a Muslim but he is a marlian because, he has no manners and he smoke all type of weed. The Tesumole crooner said being a Christain or Muslim does not define your behaviour, or decide to be good or mean. It doesn’t define anything.

He said your attitude and faith is the only thing God really want.

“Likewise, as a human activist I hate to cheat people and be self centered, all I know is to be kind and show love to everyone I know.”

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