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Names and Photos of Uebert Angel Children

Prophet Angel and Bebe Angel are blessed with four handsome boys. Their names are UJ(Seer1 also called Uebertangeljr), Levi Angel, Jude Angel and Seth Angel.

UJ Angel is the first born while Levi Angel is the second, Jude Angel is the third and Seth Angel is the fourth and last child of the family. These are young prophets and ministers of the gospel.

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1.Uebert Angel Junior also known as Seer1 or UJ is one of the youngest prophet of God in our generation. He’s been used mightly by God in the prophetic office and also in reaching out to the youths. UJ is really becoming more influential globally.

He’s been invited to minister in churches are programs across the world, he runs so many youth programs such as “CrossPoint, Preach-A-Thon, Youth Motivated” and so much more. We have a biography about him here.

See Photos of his beautiful mansion gifted to him by his father on his sweet 16 birthday

2.Levi Angel on the other hand is also a minister of the gospel who has blessed the world with songs. He did a Hillsong cover abd we’ll love you to watch:

3. Jude Angel

4. Seth Angel

See more of their photos below:

Uebert Angel Children
Uebert Angel Children
Uebert Angel Children

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