Nancy Uche – Biography, Age, Spouse, Family, Daughters, Children, Grandson, Divorce, Instagram

Who Is Uche Nancy?

Nigerian-born Nollywood actress, producer, costumier, businesswoman, and boutique owner Uche Nancy is also the CEO of Uche Nancy Production.

Nancy Uche -  Biography, Age, Spouse, Family, Daughters, Children, Grandson, Divorce, Instagram
With her Daughters

Profile Summary

Name Uche Nancy
Date of Birth 3rd march
Place of birth Anambra state
Age she’s in her 50’s
State of origin Anambra State
Nationality Nigerian
Husband/Boyfriend Mr. Nnebe (ex.)
Children 4 ( Girls ) : Sonia Uche, Ijeoma Nnebe, Chinanu Nnebe, and Chinenye Nnebe.
Grandson Meeky ( Son of Chinenye Nnebe ).
Phone Number/WhatsApp 07083788406
Net Worth N400,00,000

Uche Nancy’s a Life History, Career, and Occupation

Uche Nancy’s Nollywood career began as a costumier. Before she subsequently moved into other areas like production, she handled the majority of the costumes in Nollywood films, particularly those that were filmed in Enugu and Asaba.

Uche Nancy has more than 15 years of experience in the film industry. Among other projects, she worked on “World Apart” and “Girls Cot.”

Nancy Uche -  Biography, Age, Spouse, Family, Daughters, Children, Grandson, Divorce, Instagram

Nancy, who previously worked as a costumier, is now a filmmaker who has worked on numerous Nollywood films through her production firm, Uche Nancy Productions.

Nancy has collaborated with a large number of Nollywood actors and actresses, including her daughters Chinenye Nnebe and Sonia Uche as well as other renowned performers like Jerry Williams, Ngozi Ezeonu, Ken Erics, Patience Ozokwor, Destiny Etiko, Stephen Odimgbe aka Flashboy, Ngozi Evuka, Ebere Okaro Onyiuke, and Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu .

Uche Nancy is a businessperson as well. Uche Nancy is a businesswoman who runs a store in Asaba. She performs her Nollywood costume work using her boutique.

Nancy Uche -  Biography, Age, Spouse, Family, Daughters, Children, Grandson, Divorce, Instagram

How do I become a part of Uche Nancy Production?

Contact Uche Nancy by her phone number, email address, WhatsApp, or Instagram to join Uche Nancy Production. Future performers can audition with Uche Nancy.

Uche Nancy, a well-known Nollywood costumer and the CEO of her own film production firm, Uche Nancy Production, has just finished constructing her movie house in Asaba. The films produced by Uche Nancy Production Film House include:

Nancy Uche -  Biography, Age, Spouse, Family, Daughters, Children, Grandson, Divorce, Instagram
Her production house








Uche In Asaba, South-South, and South-East, Nancy produces her own films as well as renting them out to other Nigerian film producers.

Net worth

Uche Nancy has a net worth of around N368,000,000 and owns both homes and cars.

Movies she has stared in

Actress Uche is a prolific Nollywood film producer, having worked on films like Sisters War, Love Finally, Loving Nene, Money Hustle, Life of a Divorcee, Blue Blood, Fuiton Mansion, The Lamb, Thanks for Coming, The Ladies, Deep Water, Hot Kingdom, Moving Party, Best of Enemies, Not my Queen, Prisoner of Love, Dirty Diamond, The Models, Gallant Babes, and Touch My Body, among others.

About Her four Daughters

Uche Nancy tweeted photos of his four daughters in May 2019 and wrote:

Nancy Uche -  Biography, Age, Spouse, Family, Daughters, Children, Grandson, Divorce, Instagram
Her Daughters

“Just look at my gorgeous daughters. They are the women I always adore with smiles everytime I look at them. They are the girls I am proud of. women who work hard and are independent of their mothers.

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Because you kids have never given me a headache since the beginning, you are the kind of children that every mother would love to have as daughters. Much appreciation. I shall give God a huge thank you for making all of my daughters graduates when my last daughter, Chinenyennebe, graduates.

I fervently hope to see you girls again in the world beyond this one.

What you should know about Uche Nancy Daughters Sonia Ihuoma Uche and Chinenye Nnebe, two of Uche Nancy’s daughters, are both actors. In many of her films, Uche Nancy portrays her two daughters.

First Daughter of Uche Nancy, Sonia Uche

Is Sonia Uche Uche Nancy’s child? Who is Uche Nancy’s oldest child? Who is Uche Nancy’s eldest child? Yes, Uche Nancy’s oldest child is Sonia Uche.

Sonia Uche is the first daughter and child of Uche Nancy. Nollywood actress Sonia Uche frequently appears in movies directed by her mother, Uche Nancy. In the movie Frank’s Wife, when she was married to Jerry Williams, Sonia Uche gave an outstanding performance.

Second Daughter of Uche Nancy, Ijeoma Nnebe

Ijeoma Nnebe, also known as Preetyomah, is Uche Nancy’s second daughter. Ijeoma Nnebe is a model, business owner, and a fan of fashion.

Chinanu Nnebe, third daughter of Uche Nancy

Chinanu Nnebe, Uche Nancy’s third child, graduated from NYSC in October 2020.

Uche Nancy’s fourth daughter and last child, Chinenye Nnebe

is a well-known Nollywood actress and the grandmother of Uche Nancy’s grandchild. The most well-liked of all of Uche Nancy’s daughters, Chinenye Nnebe, is her final kid. She has appeared in numerous Nollywood films, both those made by her mother, Uche Nancy, and those made by other filmmakers.

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Chinenye Nnebe, Uche Nancy’s fourth and final child, is currently 23 years old. She was conceived on April 5, 1997. She is the tallest among her sisters.

Uche Nancy’s Son

Uche Nancy doesn’t have a son. All of the girls she has are doing well.

Her Grandson

Meeky, often known as Cutemeeky, is Uche Nancy’s grandson. Chinenye Nnebe, Uche Nancy’s final daughter, is the mother of Uche Nancy’s grandchild.

Cutemeeky, the grandson of Nancy, already has over 15,000 followers on Instagram.

Single Mother

Why is Uche Nancy a single parent? Due to the breakdown of her marriage to Mr. Nnebe, Uche Nancy is a single parent to four children.

Uche Nancy’s ex-husband and divorce

Is she divorced? Yes, Uche Nancy and her husband split after separating. I’m a Product Of Divorce, Uche Nancy’s First Daughter Sonia Uche Declares Regarding Her Mother’s Divorce.

Nollywood actress Sonia Uche has revealed that she is a divorced child as a result of her parents’ separation at the time of her birth.

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She mentioned that she is a child of divorce when discussing the reasons for divorce among most Nigerian celebrities. She also added that separation is an option if a marriage is no longer working.

“I am a kid of divorce, therefore what I’ll say about divorce is this:

If partners realize that they are not compatible with one other, separation should be totally OK,” said Sonia Uche, Nancy’s first daughter (for them). Divorce, in my opinion, is the best option if things are out of control. Separation is preferable to killing each other—either physically or mentally.


Has Uche Nancy been remarried? Who is Uche Nancy’s lover, if anyone? Although she and her ex-husband were divorced, Nancy hasn’t remarried, and it’s unclear if she is currently dating anyone or has a partner.

Education Background

Nancy attended both primary and high schools in the state of Anambra.

Her Contact and Social Media

Nancy’s phone number and WhatsApp contact information are both 07083788406.

Nancy has an Instagram page with the handle @Uchenancy.

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