New Zealand Beaches Black-Sand

The Nature of these beaches is so beautiful, infact one must confess that they were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. New Zealand Beaches Black Sand will be discussed in this article. The rugged volcanic black-sand beaches, rocky clifftops and dramatic coastline draw surfers, artists, families and celebrities alike.

Mostly, we usually identity the color of the beach with ‘sand color’. The creator of the universe has however, made our Earth a planet full of irregularities. As the color of the oceans varies from various shades of blue and green, their beach color too varies.


Why is the sand black in new Zealand Beaches?

Out there are white sand beaches, black sand beaches and even pink sand beaches. I cannot visualize a beach which is covered with black sand that occurs due to volcanic activities in the proximity, I think it would look odd and the contrasting color with the sea gives an eerie look.

However, this type of black sand beaches exist in various parts of the world.

New Zealand Beaches Black Sand

Muriwai Beach

Muriwai’s clifftop platforms overlook the gannet colonies that come to life from August through to March and offer sweeping views out to the Tasman Sea. Blow out the cobwebs with a windswept walk along the shore.

Muriwai is one more black-sand beach in Auckland, New Zealand. The mountainous backdrop means there must be a few walking trails and one or two viewpoints on top of the small mountain.

This black-sand-beach is also liked by the ‘gannets’ a kind of large seabird that swarms the Muriwai black sand beach, nest, and breed from August to March each year.

New Zealand Beaches Black Sand

Piha Beach

Piha is one of Auckland’s most popular surfing beaches we have – but its size means it never feels crowded. Take a surf lesson, refuel at the café and stretch your legs afterwards on one of the local walks. Piha beach is visited not only for its black sand but also for its suitability for water skiing and windsurfing.

New Zealand Beaches Black Sand

Karioitahi Beach

Just an hours’ drive from the city centre, Karioitahi is something of a hidden gem, even to many Aucklanders. Try blokarting, paragliding or horse riding, or take a walk and leave the action behind.

New Zealand Beaches Black Sand

Te Henga (Bethells Beach)

Te Henga (Bethells Beach) is more sheltered than some of the other west coast beaches, making it a great swimming spot. A short walk from the water, go sliding down the sand dunes at Lake Wainamu.

The geography books say this is a small black sand beach when compared to the other black beaches of New Zealand. Nevertheless, it looks unspoiled and a bit romantic too because of its deserted look.

New Zealand Beaches Black Sand

Karekare Beach

Karekare’s remote and dramatic landscapes have inspired filmmakers, writers and photographers, most notably in Jane Campion’s The Piano. The beautiful Karekare Falls is just a short walk from the main beach.
The water current at this lovely beach is too strong to swim or surf and that’s why this Kiwi black sand beach attracts fewer visitors than Piha beach.

New Zealand Beaches Black Sand

Awhitu Peninsula

The magnificent Awhitu Peninsula is a destination of contrasts, where the Tasman Sea crashes on the black sands of the west coast and meets the tranquil eastern bays. Drive right to the end of the peninsula to climb the Manukau Heads Lighthouse.

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