Olaiya Igwe Biography, Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Facts

Professional Yoruba actor Ebun Oloyede, also known by his stage as Olaiya Igwe, can play every role that is offered to him in the film business, including village king, poor guy, village man, cook, and many others.

Olaiya Igwe Biography, Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Facts

Olaiya Igwe Biography

Igwe Olaiya, also known as Lukmon Ebun Oloyede, is a well-known Yoruba actor. and film producer born 46 years ago in Kenta, Oke-Ejigbo Abeokuta, Oguns state.

He is not just distinctive due to his tribal markings, but he also has incredible talent and has made a name for himself in the film industry.

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Profile Summary

Real NameEbun Oloyede
Age 46 years old
Stage Name Olaiya Igwe
State of origin Ogun State
Nationality Nigerian
Marital status Married
Net Worth $8 Million

Olaiya Igwe Age

Olaiya Igwe is 46 years old as of 2022.

Olaiya Igwe Early Life/Education

Ebun Oloyede attended St. Judes Primary School in Abeokuta and Premier Grammar School for his secondary schooling. In Ojere, Abeokuta, at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, he studied mass communication.

Olaiya Igwe Biography, Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Facts

Olaiya Igwe Career

Olaiya began acting in the 1970s while working as a television personality for the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), where he performed in theatrical productions with the Musbau Shodimu Theatre Organization.

He performed in theater plays so well that he was able to move on to performing in home videos. Since then, Olaiya has appeared in more than 100 Nollywood films, making him one of the best actors in the business.

Olaiya disapproved of his tribal markings. The actor claims that due of the tribal patterns, he would not have been able to play professionally if he were a footballer.

Olaiya Igwe Biography, Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Facts

The actor expressed shame for the tribal markings on his face in an interview with City People. Olaiya highlighted the Alaafin of Oyo as an example when he discussed how he has come to appreciate his tribe markings; he claimed that the Oyo king had tribal markings that are appropriate for him.

He added that because it is not a part of our custom, the grandchildren of Alaafin of Oyo do not have any tribal markings. It is stated that several African tribes, especially those in Nigeria, brand distinctive marks on their natives in order to identify them.

Many people, however, have come to regret having these marks on their bodies because they are vulnerable to bullying, embarrassment, and lack of confidence, among other things, as a result.

Olaiya Igwe Movies

In movies like Ololade (Mr. Money), Iru Esin, Kosi Tabi Sugbon, Baale Oko ilu, and Son, he had a starring role. He also appears in the well-liked Africa Magic TV show Awon Aladun De.

Olaiya Igwe Biography, Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Facts

Olaiya Igwe Awards

He has got nominations such as City People Movie Award for Comic Actor of the Year (Yoruba).

Olaiya Igwe Son, Wife, Family

Ebun Oloyede is blissfully wed to a lovely woman, and the couple has been blessed with offspring. Ridwan Oloyede, the son of Olaiya Igwe, is a musician chasing his dreams in New York.

Olaiya Igwe Net Worth

Actor Olaiya Igwe estimated Net Worth is $8 million.
He reportedly has a mansion in Ogun state, the city where he was raised. The actor’s home city of Abeokuta is claimed to have a large plot of land where the house is located.

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