OPay USSD Code for Money Transfer & Buy Airtime

I’m certain you probably caught wind of OPay or perhaps you are in any event, utilizing it as of now. For those that are hearing it interestingly, it is a versatile based installment stage with parcel of administrations in its biological system. In this review, I will acquaint you with Opay USSD code and how to utilize it.

OPay USSD Code for Money Transfer & Buy Airtime

As I would see it, most Nigerians use O-Pay for a portion of their administrations like Oride and Ofood while various additionally utilizes it to purchase broadcast appointment, move cash, cover bills (Pay television membership, power), purchase information and so on.

With the assistance of Opay, part of individuals can play out a great deal of banking and monetary exchanges on their cell phones at the solace of their home.


What compels them extraordinary and better than other that have came and attempted to use this methodology was their presentation of administrations like Ocar and the previously mentioned two. To utilize these administrations, your installment should be inside the O-Pay application and since they are less expensive than the current ones and some of the time there are markdown, greater part let it all out.

You actually don’t grasp the entire thing? Alright let me ask you some inquiry

How about we accept you stay in Ibadan and you need to go from Bodija Market to Jericho, the typical value the customary bicycle men will let you know will be inside the scope of 250-300 Naira yet with Opay you presumably should pay 100-200 Naira. Tell me, which one will you settle on?

This equivalent system is what they have executed across their administrations including the markdown they have put on such countless monetary administrations.

They are basically prepared to lose present moment to acquire long haul. When they have colossal client based across different business sectors, they can essentially begin making money even with slight expansion in cost which they can now without any assistance decide.

One of their administrations I truly partake in the withdrawal choice. So you don’t have a ledger right however you have a record with Opay? Somebody can move from his/her own O-pay record to yours and you can pull out the cash from one of their representatives.

Apologies, I diverge.

We should make a beeline for the essential goal in the event that this review which is the ussd code of opay and how to get everything rolling with it.

OPay USSD Code

Dial *955# to send cash starting with one opay account then onto the next and other nearby ledgers, purchase broadcast appointment, check account equilibrium and make withdrawal.

This code deals with the telephone number associated with your OPay record and chips away at any cell phone.

Before now, that multitude of administrations and exchanges made sense of up there must be performed with their versatile application.

Yet, on account of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code presented by the versatile installment stage, you can utilize a portion of their administrations without admittance to the web.

However you will in any case require the portable application for the vast majority of their center administrations until further notice yet ussd gets better we have perceived how fastly further developed it tends to accompany that of our nearby banks.

The most effective method to Transfer Money with Opay 2022

Dial *955# >> 1 (Send Money) and adhere to the on screen guidance to finish the exchange.

To Purchase Airtime

Call *955# from the screen that heaps, input 2 and send. Follow the on screen manual for complete the credit top up.

Answer with 3, 4 and 5 in the wake of dialing the ussd code to pull out, change PIN and request help separately.

To makes it more straightforward for everybody and anybody to perform monetary exchange, Opay has presented their own ussd code which doesn’t expect you to have cell phone meaning no web association neededin other to simplify banking exchanges.

Among the things you can accomplish for the present on this ussd stage is move reserves, however broadcast appointment, actually look at your equilibrium, pull out cash and request help in regards to your record.

I’m hoping for something else of their support of be coordinated to this stage and when they are, this review will be refreshed to mirror those new augmentations.

Assuming you have any inquiry, you ought to involve the remark area for that. Same things goes for demand. Meanwhile, assuming that you partake in this review, benevolently share it with your loved ones.

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