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Petula Clark husband: Meet Claude Wolff, Husband to Petula Clark


During World War II, Clark made his professional debut as a teenage performer on BBC Radio. With “The Little Shoemaker,” her first massive UK hit, she started recording in French two years later. But who is Claude Wolff? Continue reading…

Who is Claude Wolff?

Claude Wolff is the husband to Petula Clark, they have been together for 58 years. After meeting in November 1957, they dated for three years before getting married on June 8, 1961.

Early Years of Petula Clark

Clark was born to Doris (née Phillips) and Leslie Noah Clark on November 15, 1932, in Ewell, Surrey, England. At Epsom’s Long Grove Hospital, Clark’s parents both worked as nurses.

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While Clark’s father was of English ancestry, her mother was of Welsh ancestry. Her father made fun of the fact that Sally’s stage name, “Petula,” was a combination of the names of his two previous lovers, Pet and Ulla.

Petula Clark husband: meet Claude Wolff
Claude Wolff

Meet Claude Wolff, the spouse of Petula Clark.

Claude Wolff and Petula Clark have been wed for 60 years. After meeting in November 1957, they dated for three years before being married on June 8, 1961.

Petula Clark Net worth

Petula Clark is a British actress, singer, and composer who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Born in Epsom, Surrey, England, Petula Clark began singing when she was a child, and had her first professional job when she was nine, when a chance encounter led to 500 gigs singing for the troops during World War II.

By the time she graduated from high school, she was working as a singer and actress steadily. She went on to appear in such films as, “Medal for the General”, “Vice Versa”, “Easy Money”, “Dance Hall”, “Made in Heaven”, “Finian’s Rainbow”, and “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”. She also enjoyed a successful music career as both a singer and composer, and has had hit songs in English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

She had fifteen consecutive Top 40 hits in the United States, including her signature track, “Downtown”, and has starred in her own variety programs in both the US and the UK.


Their three children are Barbara Michelle, Catherine Nathalie, and Patrick (50). British singer Petula Clark is 89 years old.

Petula Sally Olwen Clark was born on November 15, 1932, in Ewell, Surrey, England. She is best known for her 1942–present starring role in Downtown.

Clark and Wolff marriage

Her marriage to Wolff was unusually feminist for the time: “It was a partnership.” They had two daughters and a son. Clark has spoken often with regret about her “mother’s guilt”, believing she handled neither parenthood nor her career as well as she could have – a concern she has expressed to her children. “They say: ‘What are you talking about? We had a great time.’” Wolff and nannies shouldered the burden, but it required compromise all round, she says, personally and professionally. “They weren’t always easy choices – and leaving the children was always traumatic.”


Clark and Wolff have been married 58 years and continue to live together in Geneva – but now lead mostly separate lives. They have “drifted apart”, says Clark, gently: “He has his life and I have mine. How can you talk about that? Personal relationships are complicated, and it’s very difficult to explain that to the world.”

Is she happy? She sounds surprised to be asked, stops and starts with her answer. “Um, yeah. You know, happiness – I actually wrote a song called Happiness.” She pauses, and it takes me a moment to realise that she is quoting song lyrics. “It comes and goes, it’s like a summer rose, and we settle for contentment and the status quo – and suddenly it’s there again.”

Claude Wolff – FAQs

1. Is Petula Clark still with her husband?

Claude Wolff

Clark and Wolff have been married 58 years and continue to live together in Geneva – but now lead mostly separate lives.

2. Who was Petula Clark’s first husband?

Claude Wolff

There she met her future longtime publicist, collaborator and husband Claude Wolff. Clark was attracted immediately, and when she was told that she would be working with him if she signed with the Vogue label she agreed.

3. How rich is Petula Clark?

Petula Clark Net Worth

Net Worth:$10 Million

Is Petula Clark still singing?

Yes, at the age of 85 Clark is still performing all her hits, still going out on tour, and still releasing new albums


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