Photos of man with the biggest butt surfaces online

Photos of a young man with the biggest butt by name, Micah, has surfaced online. He’s a 21-year-old internet star and is being tagged the man with the biggest natural hips and butt on the photo sharing platform – instagram. However, Micah still keeps his identity as a male and also keeping his genitals.

He has neglected all rumors that he’s a transgender and has been flaunting his natural endowment on social media.


Photos of the man with the biggest butt

Man with the biggest butt
Man with the biggest butt

According to his story, he reveals that his abnormal shape began to take form in his early teenage days when he realized his hips and butt were quickly increasing in size while his waist and upper body stayed the same.

According to some sources, It’s told that he is a singer and his chest measures 41.5? waist: 37 and butt/hips: 63. He dresses like a lady, does make up to compliment his body.

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