100+ Port Harcourt Slangs and meaning

Welcome to my blog dear reader✋. Today I’ll be showing you some of the most used slangs in Port Harcourt and if you’re familiar with the hit movie “Selina Tested” then you’ll be familiar with most of the slangs I’ll mention here. Also know that these slangs to be listed her are used in other parts of the country and outside the country too.

Get familiar with the common slangs used in Port Harcourt and their meaning. Becareful how you use them please. If you don’t know the meaning/Proper application of these slangs, please don’t use them.

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Port Harcourt Slangs and meaning
Port Harcourt Slangs and Meaning
Port Harcourt Slangs and their meaning
Slangs used in Port Harcourt
Portharcourt Slangs
Port Harcourt Slangs and meaning
Portharcourt Slangs and meaning

Statistics has shown that Port Harcourt, Nigeria, has the strongest fraternity in Nigeria, with the most coded slangs. The Port Harcourt slang is so different from the normal ones you might be used to. And that’s why we beg you to not say these slangs anyhow.

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Other Port Harcourt Slangs

1. Use your kafa: Use your head, or think clearly.

2. Wipe It means fuck: For example, “I don wipe that guy. He no too sabi.”

3. Cut out means to Run aka Japa i.e Flee.

4. Duck means to hide something. “Chiamaka, duck that phone.”

5. Kpor well means “go and sit down.” Can be used during confrontations. You day kpor me? Means why are you looking at me?

6. Root out means to bring out something, especially weapons

7. AP House. Eg: We gather for my papa AP oh

8. Bell/Tanana means to call someone. I dey come, make I go Tanana my babe.

9. White N50. Yes, fifty naira. Another slang for money is “Kabulas or Rubber”

10. Manchi majorly used to describe a man or to address a cultist or someone from your cartel

11. Bani/ Shenkes /Kpalas means Pretty girl (babe).

12. AmanaAC (Air Conditioner). The amana wey dey my papa AP don get fault.

13. Abobi means a close friend/Guy.

14. Comot your body means make way.

15. Cut put for my body “Give me part of something. Money, especially.”

16. Capping careless used when someone is Talking shit or talking out of point.

17. Sea rough means things are hard.

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