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prophet Edd Branson – Wiki, biography, age, wife, height And Ministry


Edd Branson is a well-known prophet from Zimbabwe who is also a charismatic Christian leader, philanthropist, and businessman. His actual name was Edwin Mutongwizo, which he later changed to Edd Branson.

Prophet T.B Joshua of Nigeria and Prophet Uebert Angel, according to Branson, are his spiritual gurus. He is the founder and director of the Jesus Generation International Ministries.

prophet Edd Branson -  Wiki, biography, age, wife, height And Ministry
Edd Branson and wife

Prophet Edd’s has earned the nickname “The Specialist” from his followers due to his reputation for making forensic prophecies that seem to defy reason. In the world of spirits, he is also referred to as Kuritiki.

These Generals are still essential in guiding his developing ministry. He has earned the nickname “The Specialist” for this heavenly favor.

Prophet Edd is a kind-hearted man of the cloth, but he can be unpredictable, showing up to a church session wearing what appears to be a police uniform or showing up in rags to see if any of his followers would be sympathetic to panhandlers.

Prophet Edd’s ministry gathered a sizable crowd during “The night of El,” which is simply the “night of God,” on the crossover night into 2016.

Branson established The Edd Branson Foundation, and it is through this organization that he has won numerous honors and prizes. As director commissioner of African Culture Diversity and Entrepreneurship, he was chosen by the Global Diplomatic Council.

In 2019, The Global Academy Of Social Sciences in India awarded him an honorary doctorate for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Leadership.

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prophet Edd Branson -  Wiki, biography, age, wife, height And Ministry
Edd Branson and Maria

He was the first Zimbabwean to be chosen by the Global Diplomatic Council as director commissioner of African Culture Diversity and Entrepreneurship in 2019.

Great leaders and figures like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete, Dr. Margaret Kigoz, John Momo, the chairman and founder of Channels Television, Bill and Melinda Gates, Koffi Annan Foundation, African Development Bank, and others have previously held the position.

He received recognition in Nigeria in 2019 and was appointed a WHAF Ambassador (World Habitat Ambassador Forum). WHAF works in partnership with the United Nations to create sustainable housing for marginalized people all around the world.

This distinguished award positions him in the hall of fame making him the 15th individual in the world to receive this status.

Profile Summary

Full Name Edwin Mutongwizo
Date of Birth July 18, 1988
Place of Birth Warren Park
Age35 Years old
Nationality Zimbabwe
popular Edd Branson
WiveMaria Halme Branson
Occupation Minister, Philanthropist and businessman
Ministry Jesus Generation International Ministries
NicknameThe Specialist

Edd Branson Ministry:

Familiarized with his fate from a young age, Prophet Edd Branson reacted to the call of God upon his life. He traveled around, preaching the message of repentance for the end times and equipping the church for the Lord Jesus Christ’s second coming.

He is famously renowned for fasting 40 days and 40 nights and arriving at his church stick thin. Additionally, he delivered the gospel of salvation through accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior to everyone who will listen.

The mission of Jesus Generation International Ministries, which was established on June 27, 2012, is to provide deliverance and proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to people all over the world.

Prophet Edd Branson has devoted his life to serving the Lord as a faithful witness, proclaiming the salvation and abundant grace of God made possible through Jesus Christ. Prophetess Maria Branson is his wife.

The gospel of grace and the end-time message are preached, the miraculous power of God is displayed, and Jesus Generation International Ministries has branches all over the world, Life-altering events include the salvation of souls, healing of the sick, and the revelation of God’s mind.

Awards for Edd Branson:

prophet Edd Branson -  Wiki, biography, age, wife, height And Ministry
Edd Branson

He was awarded an honorary doctorate for philanthropy and humanitarian leadership by The Global Academy of Social Sciences of India in Dubai in April 2019. He was one of two individuals honored at the World Business Leaders’ Summit in Dubai, which was hosted by His Royal Highness H.E. Rashid Farooq Al Arshi.

Frank Buyanga, another successful businessman from Zimbabwe, was the other laureate.

A few life-altering miracles that are occurring in JGIM and more information about Prophet Edd’s life were recently revealed in the renowned Testimonies Magazine.

For the glory of God, the doors of Jesus Generation International Ministries are open to you if you have ever thought of looking for a church to call your own. You’ll be fortunate.

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Edd Branson’s spouse/Wive

He has a son with his Finnish wife, Prophetess Maria Halme Branson, whom he is married to. In 2016, Finnish-born Maria Halme and Prophet Edd Branson wed. The opulent nuptials took place in South Africa.

The pair was overjoyed to get hitched at the moment, and other accounts suggested that the church had pressured them into getting married early.

Marriage, according to prophet Edd Branson, is significant to God because it symbolizes Christ as the groom and his church as the bride, and after being purified by his blood, he will offer it to his father, our God.

A year after getting married, when Maria decided to stay in Finland, the two had indeed already separated. Despite widespread rumors, the insider emphasized that the couple had mutually decided to separate due to “cultural issues.”

Branson, Edd Social media:

Prophet Edd Branson offers heavenly remedies to his tens of thousands of Facebook followers worldwide each week.

Additionally, he has a YouTube channel that he uses to share and publicize the wonderful things that God has done. His channel has more than 83K subscribers, and he occasionally broadcasts live church services.

The Prophetic School of Edd Branson

Because of his command over the prophetic office, Prophet Edd Branson is referred to as “The Specialist” and is well-known. He makes authoritative prophecies with amazing rapidity and precision.

Prophet Edd Branson hosts The Prophetic School, an annual conference, to teach the prophetic gift as well as instruct and guide followers of Jesus Christ on how to reliably discern God’s will in regards to any circumstance, period of time, or objective.

Foundation for Edd Branson

Branson oversees the Edd Branson Foundation through his ministry. Through the charity, he has helped budding entrepreneurs.

Healing by Edd Branson

“Lady with a crimson jacket, rise. What would God like to do for you? requested Prophet Edd.

She responded in a fairly whirling, high-pitched voice, “I’m unwell and I’m usually crying.

I have asthma, they claimed.

“Arnold is the name of the doctor who diagnosed you. Prophet Edd pointed to her stomach and stated, “The problem is not there, it is here.

Come, I’ll cure you. Inhale, exhale, and keep an eye on it as it emerges! God called her here because she was going to pass away too soon. In the tremendous name of Jesus, you are set free, the Prophet Edd exclaimed.

She praised God, “Thank you Jesus!”

Botswana and Family Deliverance in an Edd Branson Prophecy:

Prophet Edd approaches a female seated in the area for international visitors and says;

“I said that because of Satanism, people in Botswana will perish like rats. Their individuals are turning up dead all around town, according to the address.

The woman responded, “Yes, I know someone who was beheaded, and the body was located somewhere.

“They want to take as much blood as they can,” Prophet Edd continues. I witnessed another marathon runner’s death. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, it will eventually. Botswana, you are fully informed.

What do you want God to do for you, he asks, pointing to the woman.

“Family healing and financial progress,” she replies.

Prophet inquired, “Where is your mother?”

She says, “In Botswana.

The Prophet declared, “Your mother is being attacked by a nurse.”

As he approaches her, Prophet Edd places his hands on her, releasing her from prison and blessing her life.
Prophet turns away from her and declares, “It is finished.

“What is this gushing, this outpouring?” What is it, Lilly, Lilly? Why don’t I see any kids? A man in the front row of the church was questioned by Prophet Edd.

“Yes, Dad! The man said, “It is a church in South Africa.

“Once upon a time, you took your wife to Naba Naba. You received pap from a particular woman. Your lives have turned sour ever since you ate it. Your wife was possessed by a woman by the name of Tsegofatso. There are many Satanisms, sir, so I want to pray for you and ask God to work in your ministry.

“You are a Prophet, not an Apostle, and a man of God. They murdered your wife, and now they intend to murder your present wife as well. Prophet Edd questioned, “Why am I seeing a place called Gethsemane?

The father said, “Yes papa, my wife was unwell for 19 years before she passed away. I bought a property and I called it Gethsemane.

“Today I deem all those involved in the plot to murder your wife mentally sick. The prophet prayed and delivered the guy, saying, “Let your ministry be set free, and as of today you are a Prophet of God, let your eyes be open.

“Jesus, I thank you. I get,” the man praised God.

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Quick facts about Edd Branson

He has a son with his Finnish wife, Prophetess Maria Halme Branson, whom he is married to.

He was born on July 18, 1988, and lived in Warren Park as a child.

He is referred to as the Specialist because of the dominance, accuracy, and speed with which he performs the duties of a prophet.

The Prophet is the fifteenth individual in the world to hold the position of WHAF Ambassador (World Habitat Ambassador Forum). He is now in the Hall of Fame as a result.

The Global Academy Of Social Sciences of India awarded him an honorary doctorate in philanthropy and humanitarian leadership in Dubai in 2018. In 2017, the Most Influential Top 40 Under 40 Zimbabweans list included Prophet Branson.

For the Global Diplomatic Council and the International Commission for Diplomacy in the Netherlands, Edd Branson serves as Director and Commissioner for African Cultural Diversity and Entrepreneurship.

In April 2019, the Global Academy for Psychological Sciences in Dubai conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian and Philanthropic Leadership to Edd Branson. This was in appreciation for his work with the Edd Branson Foundation to serve humanity in Africa and around the world by fostering love, peace, and tolerance.

At the 9th International CEOs Summit and Awards in Brussels in July 2019, Edd Branson was presented with the International CEOs International Individual Award.

He attended the 2019 African Achievers Awards as a special guest and received the 2019 Excellence in Leadership and Human Capital Development Award at the UK House of Parliament in 2019.

He was awarded on October 5th, 2019, in Sri Lanka as the Centre for Peace Studies’ 2019 Peace Ambassador of the Year in recognition of his contribution to global harmony, love, and tolerance.

In appreciation of his philanthropic work, Edd Branson will receive the 2019 Peace Achievers Award for Global Excellence in Leadership, International Integration, and Sustainability on September 21 in Abuja, Nigeria.

He predicted a new era and the overthrow of Jacob Zuma, and those predictions came true. 40 Influential Zimbabweans Under 40 in 2017.

2019’s Top 100 Under-40 Zimbabwean Leaders.

Excellence in Human Capital Development and Leadership 2019: Houses of Parliament, African Achievers Awards .

Nigeria Peace Ambassador of the Year 2019 – Center for Peace Studies, London Global Excellence in Leadership .

2019 – Peace Achievers Awards, Sri Lanka Leadership Award 2019 – 15th Ambassador, World Habitat .

Ambassadors Foundation International (WHAF Int’l Hall of fame), Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Center, Abu Dhabi.

International Commission for Diplomacy Commissioner and Director of African Cultural Diversity and Entrepreneurship for the Global Diplomatic Council


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